Meet Rohit Talwar, CEO at Foresight Consultancy: Fast Future

Rohit Talwar, CEO at Foresight Consultancy: Fast Future

Fast Future delivers foresight to leaders 70+ countries. We deliver keynote speeches, scenario planning, and foresight education, mentoring, research, and consulting to businesses, investors, governments, and NGOs globally. We focus on identifying change drivers shaping future landscapes, evaluating their possible interactions, exploring possible scenarios, and identifying potential impacts for individuals, communities, society, businesses, and governments.

The global insights in our books help readers explore emerging political and economic forces, socio-demographic shifts, exponential science and technology advances, critical environmental developments, and planetary challenges. Fast Future focuses in particular on how to ensure these critical forces, trends, developments, advances, and ideas are harnessed to serve humanity, unleash individual potential, and enable a very human future.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Fast Future was born out of the excitement about the new millennium at the end of the 1990’s. We saw growing demand for quality research powerful actionable insights, and an approach that cuts through the sea of information to help leaders make sense of a rapidly changing reality.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The first thing was around talking with team members about their preferred futures, keeping motivation high, and increasing communications between a team split across two continents. The pandemic wiped out our entire in-person speaking business with engagements canceled across the world.

We reacted fast and learned fast about delivering compelling online sessions – especially when you can’t see the audience. Clients wanted a sense of how the pandemic might play out and different possible scenarios on the other side. We did several talks about these scenarios and how to inspire teams, continue to look for opportunities, and maintain the pace of innovation. We also launched a very popular webinar series and conducted rapid-fire studies on near to medium-term imparts on aviation – one of the hardest-hit sectors.

We decide to publish a multi-contributor book to inspire people to think beyond immediate challenges and urgent priorities. We had a phenomenal response to a request for contributions from future thinkers across the planet. We split the content into two books.

Created in less than10 weeks, Aftershocks and Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future was published in June 2020 and explored 28 possible scenarios and development paths for the post-pandemic future. Our follow-up book, Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon, published in September  2021, presents 42 perspectives on mapping future individual and organization paths.

What can we hope to see from Fast Future in the future?

We have another book coming out in early 2022 exploring scenarios for the next 50 years. We’re also launching an online webinar series and associated public and in-company corporate training programmes on the crypto economy. There’s been a massive ramp up in demand for future insights from clients around the world and we expect the next 12 months to be an exciting and busy time.