Meet Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO at Cloud-Based Delivery Management Platform: Scurri

Scurri is a cloud-based delivery management platform that connects and optimises online ordering, shipping and delivery. We like to call what we do ‘connecting commerce,’ because we help retailers get their parcels into the hands of customers in the most efficient way, from checkout to the front door.

Since we started the business in 2010, and especially over the past five years, we’ve grown into a platform that’s trusted by a growing list of blue chip and fast-scaling companies. Currently, 80% of our revenue comes from the UK market, and our clients include major retailers like Ocado, Asos, Gousto, Vision Direct, and GymShark, and platforms like eBay.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I originally worked in Waterford Crystal where I got a great grounding in business, and sales and marketing. I took a lot from that experience. It included being part of the team that delivered a €10m SAP implementation, where I got my first taste for big technology projects.

My initial idea was to build a solution to connect up transport companies to create a virtual network of carriers, to make the delivery process easier for consumers. After a couple of years I realised that B2B was a better fit. We analysed it and found that the delivery process is full of pain points for retailers. That was a pivotal moment, we took it in a different direction, and it had a hugely positive impact for the business.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The last few years have been fraught with challenges for the retail sector. The pandemic and the resulting acceleration in online shopping, as well as trading and logistic complexities arising from Brexit, have increased the need for retailers to improve shipping and logistics processes.

What’s also key is that a customer’s satisfaction with a retailer really hinges on the delivery experience, now more so than ever. In recent times customer expectations of the delivery process have focused more on issues like sustainability. As a company, we take an agile approach to helping retailers adapt to these challenges, we listen to what our customers tell us and we tailor solutions to help them.

We don’t just believe in selling our customers a solution, if our customers need support, we’re always there for them. We’ve built up a great reputation in the industry for the quality of our service, and the friendliness of our staff.

The last few years have been challenging no doubt, but there are always opportunities. For UK retailers, international expansion is becoming a top priority. We’ve just brought on a new cross-border data partner, Hurricane Commerce, to ensure that shipments have the right data to pass smoothly through customs and on to the end consumer.

What can we hope to see from Scurri in the future?

There is a lot in the pipeline for us currently. At present, we successfully connect over 100 million customer orders for retailers each year, and we have ambitious growth plans to significantly increase that.

We recently launched our new mission statement and we’re planning to double our monthly recurring revenue by the end of 2023. That will involve moving into new larger premises, tripling our people count, growing our presence in the UK market, and expanding our offering into new global markets. We recently received series A funding to do all this, so without doubt there are exciting times ahead.

Post-purchase customer experience is an area where we see lots of opportunity for retailers. In most cases, when the parcel leaves the warehouse and goes to the carrier, the retailer has little or no oversight. This can be an issue in terms of customer experience and support in the last mile.

We are looking at helping retailers use real-time shipping data to improve the delivery experience, and potentially build more profitable engagement with their customers.