Meet Rose Hulse, Founder & CEO at Streaming Service Aggregator: ScreenHits TV

ScreenHits TV lets users to integrate their existing premium streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Bloomberg, ITV Hub, Starz, Eurosport, AVOD, Live Channels and more into one easy to use app. Available via desktop and iOS mobile/tablet app.

The app will soon be available on Android Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Android phones/tablets, and other leading connected TV manufacturers by the end of May 2022. With ScreenHits TV, consumers can now easily see what is trending across all their TV streaming applications; their watch history and recommended content via its “TV Friends” social function, without needing to switch between each one – in one simple, easy to use traditional EPG (TV Guide).

ScreenHits TV offers bundle TV streaming subscription packages with cash-back discounts of more than 25% as well as a child friendly protection PIN.


How did you come up with the idea for ScreenHits TV and what do you think makes ScreenHits TV unique?

After working in the business for a number of years, I knew before it happened, that a number of the studios were going to create a direct to consumer offering by launching their own streaming apps.

I also knew that as content owners started to end existing licensing deals with the traditional cable services to bring their content back in house to offer exclusively on their own streaming services, consumers would become confused and frustrated on where to find the shows they wanted to watch, how much they had to pay to watch them and how to deal with a number of fragmented options.

So, I thought it would be best to use our existing B2B technology that was an aggregator for some of the larger studios, such as Turner Broadcasting (now WarnerMedia), to create a consumer interfacing aggregator that put all these new streaming “channels” into one place and create bundling offers with our partners and eventually that ability for a single sign on, making the customer experience simple, easy and affordable.

With hundreds of streaming services out there and a number of AVOD channels popping up, the consumer has too much choice and often gets lost in the vast array of content, creating subscription fatigue and content overload.

The new app helps to streamline the viewing experience and unlike traditional cable solutions, customers can curate their channels and subscriptions, thus only paying for channels they actually want to watch versus contributing monthly to the channels they never watch.


How has ScreenHits TV evolved over the last couple of years?

Launched in 2012, award-winning ScreenHits, started out as an online aggregator for the buying and selling of TV and film content. It was focused on the B2B industry, where content buyers could easily search for shows available in their territory, budget, genre, etc. The company had seen success in this area, working with some of the best in the industry from Turner Broadcasting, IMG, BBC, Hasbro, NBC Universal and more.

With many clients shifting their focus to the consumer streaming market – a trend we began to notice several years earlier – we then set out with a vision to create a consumer facing aggregation service focused on making the consumer experience easier and ensuring that our partners content was always top of mind with the consumer at the point of discovery.

We built a B2B2C app that not only eliminates the customer frustration when looking for content and affordability, but also helps to minimise churn and increase retention for our content partners.

What can we hope to see from ScreenHits TV in the future?

We are very excited to see ScreenHits TV on Android TVs, as well as the Android mobile and tablet. We are also bringing ScreenHits TV to new screens that are not traditionally focused on in this space, but are very important when reaching customers and providing a place for them to watch content when they are idle and in wait mode.

These new screens bring content enjoyment to another level and a new avenue for show creators to reach their customers.