Meet Rosie Davies-Smith, Founder of UK PR Platform for Product-based Businesses: PR Dispatch

Tell us about PR Dispatch


I’m Rosie, the founder of PR Dispatch – the UK’s first affordable PR membership platform for product-based businesses. I founded PR Dispatch in 2017 to give product-based businesses everything they need to pitch their brand to the UK press and get it right the first time without wasting time or money. Great brands deserve great press and it shouldn’t be reserved for the big names with big budgets. Throughout my career I’ve worked with thousands of brands and nothing makes me happier than seeing the results brands achieve after following our advice on doing their own PR.



How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I previously owned a PR agency LFA, and I began to get a problem-solving itch. I was coming across great brands via LFA that the press would love to feature but who didn’t have the budget to spend thousands with an agency. In 2017 I launched a separate limited company, PR Dispatch, dedicated to giving product-based businesses all of the tools, confidence and contacts they need to DIY their own PR to solve that problem.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


When I gave birth to my first child in February 2020, I thought I had planned for every eventuality for the businesses during my maternity leave… apart from a global pandemic.

After losing 80% of LFA’s revenue overnight when COVID-19 hit, I was determined to keep the team in jobs and jump at the opportunity. I pivoted the agency team on to PR Dispatch. As an affordable PR solution for small businesses, PR Dispatch had the opportunity to step out of the shadow of LFA and thrive. With a 3 week old baby in a sling, I taught the LFA team the ins and outs of PR Dispatch via videos. PR Dispatch supported hundreds of businesses during this time and in turn thrived and grew alongside them.

PR Dispatch experienced unprecedented growth through this period. In 2023, as businesses continue to cut costs and take control of their own PR efforts, here at PR Dispatch we are able to pivot quickly in response to the changing market brought on by the pandemic and now the current cost of living crisis. We are proud to have built a strong reputation and amazing track record of coverage for the brands we work with, leading brands to seek out and champion our services.

What can we hope to see from PR Dispatch in the future?

The beginning of 2023 saw our biggest platform update ever with a fully custom built database and re-launch for PR Dispatch. We now offer an extensive, filterable, press database of over 800 contacts, as well as daily press and journo requests, email pitch and press response templates alongside access to a team of PR experts with over 24+ years of combined PR experience. We’re now able to help more brands than ever before with their PR and are excited to see how our new platform can empower brands to secure their own press coverage. We also have the re-opening of our best selling Christmas gift guide membership happening this July, which is always an exciting day at PR Dispatch HQ.