Meet Rupert Lee-Browne, Founder and CEO of Payment Platform: Caxton

Tell us about Caxton

Caxton is a full-suite payments provider powered by great tech and some wonderful people. We enable businesses and private clients to move their money in a secure and efficient way, control and manage expenditure, and, more importantly, save money. Our unified platform lets customers hold funds in different currencies, transfer funds from one location to another, as well as receive and pay using the myriad of methods available today.

We are best known for our Caxton Currency Card that offers our customers a worry-free way to carry money on their travels, saving them expensive transaction or withdrawal fees while using their bank cards abroad. As part of our expansion plans, we have recently acquired nimbl – the pocket money card and app for young people 6-18 years old.

The company was founded in 2002 with currency as our primary area of focus then. It has since grown into its current avatar of one platform for every payment, anywhere.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, just after the dot com boom, I helped a first-of-its-kind currency company to go public. I was impressed with that business model and believed that I could improve and build on it. That led to the birth of Caxton – and it is our commitment to our customers and our drive to always keep innovating for them that has seen us evolve with the times to cater to their changing needs.

As we continue to grow, we are driven by industry leading tech built by super-capable people within the business. I believe in the powerful combination of technology and people, so we focus on real support for our service. Our customers are always able to speak to a member of our UK-based customer service team at any point they need to.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Like a lot of businesses, we were impacted by the pandemic, particularly with our travel card products. However, I am a great fan of never missing an opportunity in a crisis, and with an exceptional core team who worked extraordinarily hard to keep us agile as we navigated the challenging time, we were able to successfully pivot to other areas of the payments sector. We have emerged as a different company – great culture, new range of products for b2b as well as existing b2c range, and, renewed vigour and focus on producing value and service for our customers.

What can we hope to see from Caxton in the future?

Fundamentally we love to innovate as a business, because innovation brings new clients and efficiencies, new products and services to our customer. With the introduction of our proprietary API working off our platform, CXTN, we’re further refining our offering of Software as a Financial Service (SaaFS) or Embedded Finance.

CXTN is powering health tech companies, member organisations, innovative investment platforms and global logistics communities and we will continue to launch new products with new technologies, while constantly talking to our customers to ensure we’re meeting their needs.

This new age of finance requires engrained security, regulation and compliance, which we are providing to our customers, and constantly updating it for them. There’s lots more to look forward to on that front and we are excited by it.