Meet Sabba Keynejad, Co-Founder and CEO of Video Editing Platform: VEED.

Tell us about VEED.

VEED is an online video-editing platform that empowers individuals and teams – regardless of their skill level or background – to convey ideas through captivating videos. We provide a suite of AI tools that allow people to record, edit, repurpose and share videos easily – with zero video editing experience. We now have over 6 million people visiting VEED.IO each month, ranging from content creators to hobbyists sharing their passions with the world, to businesses of all sizes from every industry. Some examples I’ve seen recently include a bird watching granny in the US with the cutest YouTube channel, a Pakistan-based data scientist who makes faceless scientific explainer videos by night and La Repubblica; an Italian news publisher that uses VEED to create short, compelling edits of their news content for social media.


What do you think makes this company unique?

First and foremost, we began as a bootstrapped venture, instilling us with an independent spirit and a determined commitment to our employees’ success. In fact, our employees hold a greater stake in the company than investors do, forging a strong sense of ownership and dedication to our shared goals.
Our remote work culture also precedes the current trend, as we championed remote work before it became mainstream thanks to Covid. This has led us to cultivate a team that excels in collaboration, communication, and autonomy.

We take pride in being a hidden gem within the UK startup ecosystem. Our accomplishments and impact speak for themselves, as we’ve quietly emerged as one of the country’s most prominent startups.
Lastly, the youth and dynamism of our team set us apart. With an average age of 22, most of them embarking on the start of their professional journey with us, I’d like to think we possess an unparalleled energy and fresh perspective.


How has VEED evolved over the last couple of years?

VEED has undergone a remarkable evolution in the last few years, transforming from a startup to a thriving scale-up. We started by bootstrapping our way to success and profitability, and have since secured funding from Sequoia that has allowed us to expand our operations and seize new opportunities. While we initially focused on the European market, we have grown into a global player, reaching customers worldwide – with the US as our biggest market currently.

As we grew, we adapted to the changing landscape by expanding our platform from web-based to mobile too, providing our users with the flexibility and convenience of accessing the best video editing tools out there no matter where you are.

Throughout this journey, I’d say our team has evolved from a close-knit group of friends to an all-star winning team. My co-founder and I have been fortunate to attract talented individuals from some of the best companies in the world, who share our vision and contribute their unique expertise to VEED’s collective success.

Despite these changes, one thing that has remained constant is our hunger, drive, and speed, which has been apparent from our early days.

What can we hope to see from VEED in the future?

Looking ahead, the future for VEED holds exciting prospects, particularly when it comes to integrating AI into the video editing space. Our primary objective has always been to lower the barriers to creating video content as we continue to empower individuals and businesses alike to express their creativity effortlessly, regardless of what their technical expertise looks like.

Our vision and ambition extends beyond being just a great company; we want to be an exceptional one and aspire to become one of the next UK-born unicorns in the not too distant future.

We are laser focused on developing more tools that redefine the video editing landscape, making it easier, more enjoyable, and more accessible than ever before. We want to unlock the full potential of video creation and AI is a big part of that. We have been rolling out a whole suite of AI tools (we call them “one-click wonders”) that simplify complex and arduous editing tasks. Most recently we launched AI Avatars, which enables VEED users to tell their stories through using the market’s most realistic Avatars to date. We were delighted to be crowned Product Hunt’s product of the day and are excited to see how people are starting to use our AI Avatars for their businesses.