Meet Saliah Mustafa, Founder & CEO at Clean Luxury Beauty Brand: Sabreen Cosmetics

Sabreen Cosmetics is a clean luxury beauty brand curated to inspire women to live life, unapologetically.

Sabreen Cosmetics was founded to honor the life and legacy of our beloved aunt Nabeehah Sabreen, who fought a valiant battle against Breast Cancer until 2009. Throughout her life she was unapologetic and lived life on her own terms, and we seek to inspire women to revel in the absolute freedom of being unapologetic.

As a disruptive luxury cosmetics company, Sabreen Cosmetics meets at the intersections of luxury, clean beauty, and sustainability.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

During our R&D phase, we found in an EWG report that “75% of cosmetics products marketed to Black women were potentially harmful”, which further inspired us to curate clean luxury and sustainable beauty products safe for our consumers, and the earth while also maintaining performance, efficacy and quality.

In addition to the lack of quality products, historically, society has instructed women to fit into stereotypical identities that often project limits and glass ceilings. Here at Sabreen Cosmetics, we inspire women to live life on their own terms and aim to be a source of inspiration and aspiration to Be Unapologetic ™.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

During the inception of the company, we always intended for Sabreen to evolve into a luxury brand. However, we understood the importance of making a strategic plan in order to seamlessly transition into the luxury space while adding value.

In 2018, we started as a premium beauty brand, and in November 2020, we made our transition into luxury beauty. At that point, we felt prepared and comfortable making the transition as we had several hero products and felt that our brand could add value to women who live life on their own terms unapologetically.

What can we hope to see from Sabreen Cosmetics in the future?

Our vision is to be the global destination for luxury beauty curated for women now and for future generations. We believe that all women should live life on their own terms and to defy limits. That is a message that is vitally important to us. We hope that Sabreen Cosmetics can serve as a catalyst for the conversation around what unapologetic women look like in the world today, and how we can make space for them.