Meet Sallyann Della Casa, Founder at Human Skills Development Platform: GLEAC

By giving you access to people who have done it before in two different ways, Gleac enables you to become an expert more quickly.

1. Passively – by letting you observe responses from industry experts to common, tricky workday scenarios. No longer do you need to ask, “I wonder what…. would do.”

2. Actively – by attending live industry expert talk programs on subjects like Web 3.0, Toxic Workplaces, and How to Publish a Book, where you may engage in cross-cultural learning and ask questions in break-out rooms on any subject.

A NFT service of our core business, Lovely Humans by Gleac gives you up to 5 hours with an industry expert to work on problems, create something, or almost anything. You can also make an NFT of what you do in those five hours and market it further.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

If you don’t observe how others handle the exact same scenario in front of them using these skills, how good are you truly at any transferrable skill, such as creative thinking, leadership, judgement and decision making, etc. Regarding your capacity to use these talents, a certificate in them is really worthless.

With the help of a human skills taxonomy that enables you to practice these abilities along Bloom’s taxonomy (a rating scale on how well you can apply them), we chose to capture this dynamically and simply at Gleac. We then show you on demand how international experts are managing the same problem.

Instead of just testing you, the goal is for you to learn. It’s incredible how much data is below what we do, and if we do it well, it will eventually power knowledge graphs about human creativity that even AI will be lining up to learn from.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

When I first started creating Gleac, I believed I was creating a business that would help people improve their soft skills. The joke’s really on me, but many startup entrepreneurs who invent on the spot have experiences like mine. I have three distinct verticals within the newly-emerging business.

The long-term power play is data and APIs. In an enterprise approach, the app and SaaS system serves as the means of payment, while a freemium model powers the data lake. And everything is powered by industry experts and human ingenuity.

If you had told me nine months ago that I would have established a marketplace for industry experts time as an NFT, I would have laughed at you. I am still puzzling out this last vertical business model.

What can we hope to see from Gleac in the future?

Why I get up every day and work my tail off? I’m going to address the issue of inclusion and opportunity. It is a signaling and network access issue. I’m developing a human FICO score based on human inventiveness and transferable talents that will allow every single person to signal that they exist and are just as good as everyone else based on human stacking, including the finest in the world with Stanford degrees and Google heritage. And they have a shot no matter their age, race, level of education, or work history.

How this Lovely Humans NFT project will all turn out is exciting as it is unclear. Someone recently told me that I am constructing the future of Accenture and GLGs of the world by enabling fair access to industry experts across disciplines with a single click for any purpose to develop anything and then monetize it if they wish. Who knows? Perhaps I am.