Meet Saloni Tangal, Design Director at Design Equation

Saloni, Tell us about yourself


As the Design Director at Design Equation, I’m truly passionate about crafting designs that tackle real-world problems, drawing from my extensive industry experience. Originally from a culturally vibrant town in India, I’ve had a lifelong love affair with art and creativity. My journey into design started during my university years, where I delved into freelance projects, driven by my curiosity for exploration and experimentation.

Seeking to hone my skills further, I pursued a master’s degree in Visual Communication Design in the UK, which provided me with the opportunity to showcase my work on international platforms in the UK, USA, China and India. The challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic made me realise the importance of blending strategic thinking with creativity for success in any endeavour.

This insight inspired the creation of Design Equation, a platform aimed at providing clever design solutions and tailored packages. Launching this venture felt like a natural step forward, allowing me to make a tangible impact in the design world.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


The idea for Design Equation arose from my belief and thorough research into uncovering a fundamental formula for success in design. Intrigued by the harmony between creativity and strategy, I envisioned a design agency committed to delivering visually striking yet strategically aligned solutions for startups and businesses.

Our goal is to offer fluid design experiences that seamlessly blend precision and creativity, empowering our clients to thrive.



What do you think makes this company unique?


What sets Design Equation apart is our unwavering commitment to seamlessly blending strategic thinking with creative flair. While aesthetics hold significance, we adopt a holistic approach, ensuring that each design solution we deliver is strategically aligned with our clients’ objectives. This fusion of creativity and strategy is our hallmark, distinguishing us and enabling us to consistently achieve outstanding results.


What is some of the work you are most proud of?


At Design Equation, we take immense pride in our collaborations with startups and businesses across diverse sectors, including healthcare, banking & finance, IT sector, education, and not-for-profit.

One particularly notable project is our enduring partnership with a healthcare brand, spanning over 2 years. Being intimately involved in their journey, we’ve witnessed the evolution of their mission and brand, and the profound impact our design decisions have had in shaping their trajectory, from refining brand guidelines to enhancing their digital presence. These collaborations exemplify our steadfast commitment to making a positive impact through design.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships and delivering innovative design solutions that drive positive change and empower our clients to thrive in their industries.



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Over the past couple of years, Design Equation has grown significantly. We’ve expanded our talented team, streamlined our processes, and added new services. Our main focus remains on delivering top-notch design solutions and building strong relationships with our clients. We’ve also introduced tailored packages for startups, covering everything from branding to website development, as well as packages for growing brands looking to boost their online presence.

Additionally, we offer packages for clients seeking a redesign, where we conduct thorough research to identify what works and what doesn’t, and then revamp everything accordingly.


What can we hope to see from Design Equation in the future?


In the future, you can expect Design Equation to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of design excellence, expanding our reach, and making a meaningful impact in the industry.

As we evolve, we remain dedicated to collaborating with clients who share our vision of creating positive change in the world. Our goal is to provide seamless solutions that empower our clients to succeed, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry trends while delivering exceptional value to our clients. With this steadfast commitment, we look forward to a future filled with continued growth, creativity, and impactful collaborations.