Meet Sam van Hees, Co-Founder & CMO at Headless eCommerce Solution: Instant Commerce

Instant Commerce is a frontend as a service solution which enables any eCommerce brand to build a high-end headless storefront. Because we are ‘no code’, business owners do not need technical expertise or a development team to build their online offering. We seamlessly integrate with scores of different systems like Shopify, Storyblok, Algolia and more using APIs.

In short, with Instant Commerce any online seller can launch a comprehensive headless webshop that rivals the functionality of the biggest retailers for a fraction of the price and time. The result is the best possible experience for their customers and ultimately, a huge increase in sales.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We have spent a long time working with ecommerce companies helping to scale their offerings on Shopify with our agency. A problem we consistently encountered was business owners struggling to manage, scale and update their storefront. With technology moving so quickly and consumers expecting more and more functionality, ecommerce companies had to dedicate much more time and resources to keep up.

Many businesses simply don’t have the expertise or money to make this happen efficiently. When we encountered headless technology we realised there was a way to create a platform that could do all the heavy lifting for these companies. By making it no code we removed the need for big development teams. The result was the Instant Commerce solution – a way for ecommerce companies to create the best possible storefronts at minimal cost and effort.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our journey began in 2016 as the development studio Studio of AMS. This grew into a full service award-winning ecommerce and branding agency. As we saw the opportunity to leverage this experience into a product for our customers, we decided to work with our team to develop Instant Commerce. This fully launched this year and we have taken on scores of partners and clients.

Our plan is to expand across Europe while continually upgrading our platform. Ultimately, our goal is to become the world’s leading headless storefront platform.

What can we hope to see from Instant Commerce in the future?

In the short term we plan to consolidate our position in Europe and expand to the UK and Germany. However, our goal is to become fully international – servicing customers all across the world.

The great thing about Instant Commerce is that it has so much room for growth. We can develop more and more functionality, integrations and solutions. Retail and ecommerce is moving so quickly and we need to keep ahead of these trends so we can give our clients the best service.

It makes it a very dynamic environment and also means that there are a lot of different ways Instant Commerce can develop. Who knows – the future could be storefronts on the metaverse.