Meet Sean Reddington, Co-Founder & CEO at Business Learning & Skills Platform: THRIVE Learning

THRIVE creates learning solutions fine-tuned for modern businesses and the people powering them.

Companies use our world-first, complete learning and skills platform to connect people to each other and personalised learning opportunities so they can share knowledge, upskill collaboratively and identify and manage skills.

And, since we were founded in 2018, we’ve grown to 280+ customers worldwide, including Sky, Sysco, Coca-Cola, Ted Baker and Ann Summers, with a 99% customer retention rate and just one platform cancellation in four years.

Through it all, we’ve remained a people-first business, built on a culture of trust, flexibility and autonomy, where everyone has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves – inside and outside of work.


What do you think makes THRIVE Learning unique?

THRIVE is the world’s first and only complete learning and skills platform. We’ve simplified learning technology and put everything a modern L&D team needs in one place.

It has the capabilities of a Learning Management System (LMS), the social elements of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), and an in-built skills development solution. It’s personal and provides tailored learning opportunities and personalised recommendations to every user.

THRIVE can be used as a communication tool too, putting open comms at the heart of an organisation’s learning and development, and encouraging peer-to-peer and company-wide collaboration. Basically, THRIVE is THE answer to training, upskilling and cross-company communication in a hybrid world of work.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The Covid-19 pandemic created a gap that we were able to bridge. As remote working became the norm, we were able to offer businesses a way to communicate, educate and connect staff based in kitchens and bedrooms across the country. We experienced a growth trajectory that has continued to this current day. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen ARR increase by 184% and customer count go up 212%. We’ve also increased our headcount by 171%, so we’re now a team of 114.

This year, we launched the part of THRIVE that really sets us apart – an industry-first built-in skills development solution. It means we can now give L&D teams a seamless, accessible way to manage, develop and track skills across their entire organisation. We’ve also just launched the THRIVE Marketing Studio, a service which combines consultancy and design to improve effectiveness and engagement in learning campaigns.

Earlier this year, we made a key appointment – a new Head of People & Culture. Sacha Harvey has the job of harnessing the unique culture at THRIVE and leading an ambitious people engagement strategy. We’re working towards being THE best place to work. Period. And the challenge is to maintain our unique culture as we scale.

What can we hope to see from THRIVE Learning in the future?

In the medium-term, we’re working to position THRIVE as a global company. The go-to solution for modern, forward-thinking businesses committed to stand-out L&D opportunities and cross-company collaboration in a hybrid world of work.

A US-rollout is underway, and we have established 24/5 support to meet the needs of an ever-growing number of global enterprise customers.

Longer term, I want THRIVE to be THE best place to work – not just in the UK, but globally – thanks to our stand-out, tight-knit company culture.