Meet Shai Alfandary, CEO at Paragone: The AI-Based Predictive Social Media Marketing Platform is an actionable, advertising performance monitoring platform for Brands adn Agencies. Advertisers have access to real-time marketing data across all paid social media channels and Google, and can swiftly synthesize ad accounts, and campaign data in one unified platform.

Customers can automate reporting routines with customizable metrics, dashboards, and tables that are easily broken down for advanced insights that can be acted upon. The platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to predict and optimize campaign results and performance.

Our customers can access and control their social advertising data in real-time across all networks, agencies, and teams from one easy-to-use user interface.
Introducing the ultimate guide to AI & digital advertising | Paragone

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Post-Covid, we have realized that there has been a large and growing divide between CMOs and media teams. CMOS  have been tasked with supporting growth for new e-commerce and DTC businesses, while media teams kept using the same rudimentary tools they have been using traditionally.

As a result, organizations that heavily relied on paid media have gone blind on their ability to meet business goals. We thought that there has to be a better way to align raw data coming from paid channels and the business and that’s what is all about. 


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The idea for the company was born during the pandemic. Influenced by COVID-19 and more than ever before, consumers have moved indoors and online and are choosing to engage through social channels. As a result, e-commerce sales have grown rapidly in the last year.  

To react to these changes, entire sectors have been adjusting their advertising strategies to the new conditions as consumers respond directly on social media.

It is not a surprise then that according to Gartner, 78% of B2C CMOs plan to shift even more budgets to social post COVID-19

To be able to engage online audiences and increase e-commerce business post COVID-19, marketers must rethink social advertisement strategy, and they have to do it now no matter if they are working fully in house or with an agency. Otherwise, you may simply be missing the current online revolution.

What does it mean?

Managers who face a higher pressure to drive better online campaign results with shrinking margins and tighter competition, need an easy and intuitive way to monitor social advertising performance and budgets to quickly identify systemic bottlenecks across regions, teams, locations and networks.

Practitioners, on the other hand, who run multiple campaigns concurrently,  need an easy way to automate routine reporting tasks that will be giving them time to actually spend on performing in a highly intensive online environment.

And if you are the CMO, whether you work with an agency or fully in-house you need to take more control and build a performance muscle in house, or you may find yourself behind your competition.

There has to be an overall alignment for companies to be able to cope with the new challenge.

For this reason, our product teams at paragone have been asking themselves: How could we help brands reach peak social advertising performance In a post COVID-19, online, social, and highly distributed environment? 

We have identified  6 ingredients that will make performance teams ready to compete in this new era. 6 ingredients that will grant them an absolute ability to reach peak performance in a post  COVID-19, online, social, and distributed environment.

  1. The first ingredient is the ability to Effortlessly Diversify your Reach.

We do it by opening the door for you to easily manage multiple social channels from one screen. Not just facebook.

  1. The second ingredient is the ability to Observe Performance in Real-Time

We do it by enabling you with insights and indications on performance bottlenecks

  1. The third ingredient is the ability to Predict the Future

We do it by warning media professionals before they’ll be hitting a wall

  1. The forth ingredient is the ability to easily Apply Business Dimensions

We do it by allowing users to effortlessly customize and tag campaign data without today’s endless data wrangling they face.

  1. The fifth ingredient is the ability to Take Actions in a Snap of a Finger

By quickly changing campaign targeting and spending in real time

  1. And The sixth ingredient is the ability to Prove Your Value to your own management.


What can we hope to see from Paragone in the future?

As a digital advertising platform, we plan to become the delivery platform for additional SaaS providers who cater to performance marketers and so we are looking forward to new, exciting partnerships as well as adding additional channels in the near future. 

With this vision in mind, we are confident Paragone will soon become the go-to platform for digital advertising professionals.