Meet Sheryl Cuisia, CEO and Co-Founder, The Engagement Appeal

Can you tell us first about The Engagement Appeal, why you started this initiative and how it has evolved.


The Engagement Appeal (TEA) was born from a vision to revolutionize the relationship between shareholders and companies in the UK.

Recognising the untapped potential of the 23 million individual shareholders who collectively hold over £261 billion in UK shares, we are seeking to democratise investment and foster inclusive investor relations.

Our journey has evolved from merely facilitating dialogue to embedding financial literacy and inclusion across all demographics, particularly focusing on the next generation of investors.

TEA’s approach is firmly rooted in collaboration and constructive engagement. It encourages companies to provide company-specific insights while actively participating in the development of a clear framework, ultimately generating a positive impact by committing to elevated engagement standards.

We need everyone’s help in developing a more financially literate and inclusive investor landscape.


And expand on your role in that success? What advice do you have for women aspiring to leadership roles in tech and entrepreneurship?


As the CEO and co-founder of TEA, I had a mission to create an organisation that is forward-looking, I am a huge advocate of both environmental, social and governance (ESG),and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), finance and engagement.

Financial literacy for all is the start of a wider shift towards stakeholder capitalism. Any leader should champion inclusivity and ensure they are working to get the best from their team.

For women aspiring to leadership roles in tech and entrepreneurship, my advice is to view challenges as opportunities for innovation, embrace change.

I also promote the concept of ‘plants helping people and the planet prosper’!


What are the future trends TEA is seeing?


TEA is at the forefront of recognizing and adapting to emerging trends in shareholder engagement.

We’re focusing on the potent influence of Gen Z investors and the need for companies to prepare for future shareholders by promoting shareholder democracy and global participation.

The younger generations are rising up the ranks, with 60 percent of Gen Z saying they have invested before, making them the most active individual investor group.

Therefore we are looking to work with listed companies and their shareholders to embrace diversity, equitability, inclusion, inter-generational collaboration, constructivism, and innovation as means for effecting change.
Our initiatives like ‘Take Time for TEA’ and partnerships with Artist Ambassadors are designed to bridge gaps and foster a sustainable, inclusive investment ecosystem.

And we are looking towards ‘edutainment’ – a blend of education and entertainment, to make financial literacy accessible and engaging.


And finally any last words? What can we hope to see from TEA in 2024?


In 2024, TEA aims to deepen our impact, expanding our initiatives to further democratise investment and foster a culture of informed, engaged shareholders.

Expect to see more innovative partnerships and programs that not only enhance financial literacy but also promote societal and environmental well-being. We are starting with FinGlitz, our new brand to help companies rethink communication strategies, investment approaches and understanding the mindset of a modern investor.

TEA’s mission is to drive positive change through the participation of all companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and one million retail investors by 2025.