Meet Shubham Mishra, Co-Founder and Global CEO at Codeless AI Ecosystem: Pixis

Pixis is a CA-based tech company that develops accessible AI technology to help brands scale all aspects of their marketing and augment their decision-making in a world of infinitely complex consumer behavior. The company’s codeless AI infrastructure currently comprises over four dozen proprietary AI models that provide marketers with robust plug-and-play AI products without writing a single line of code.


Pixis Logo


What do you think makes Pixis unique?


What makes Pixis unique is our resolve to democratize AI for everyone. We make adoption and usage easy by enabling AI integration and deployment through a simple plugin, so customers don’t have to navigate complicated adoption processes. Our AI infrastructure takes five-ten minutes to deploy, and eight seconds to activate. Following adoption, user journeys are designed to appeal intuitively to non-tech folk, as we want everyone to be able to benefit from the power of AI without needing to hire dedicated data scientists.

However, what truly makes Pixis unique is our people and our customers. It’s one thing to have a vision as a founder, but it’s especially powerful to have every single team member understand that vision and get behind it to make it a reality. We’re very proud of the fact that our first few customers are still customers today, and are consistently the earliest adopters of every new product we develop. They’re as invested in our growth as we are in theirs, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.


How has the company evolved over the past couple of years?


On the AI infrastructure front, we’ve seen big leaps in our products and in the way our customers interact with them. We’ve evolved in the way we think about and approach product development – it is extremely customer/user focussed. Anything that’s complicated to navigate from a user-perspective gets simplified or weeded out of the development process. From 20 AI models we’re upto 80+ proprietary AI models, and we’re on track to meet our goal of introducing 200 AI models in our AI infrastructure.

On the business front, we’ve expanded into three key locations this year as planned – Europe, Australia and the Middle East – and are well placed to finish the year strongly. We’ve also been focussing and prioritizing R&D over this past quarter.



What can we hope to see from Pixis in the future?


We continue to up our efforts to bring AI to the masses through developing truly democratic products that every team member, from creative marketers to data scientists, can use to drive incremental returns on investment. We have a strong pipeline of game changing products currently in research and development that will hit the market very soon, which we’re extremely excited about.