Meet Simon Walker, Managing Partner and Founder at Consultancy Firm: Kubrick

Kubrick  help businesses to evolve and embrace next-generation technology, solving short-term capacity issues and building long-term capabilities. This includes highly demanded skills across data, AI, and cloud technology. Kubrick provides a practical and immediate solution for companies wanting to bridge the current digital skills gap which exists today.

We achieve this by building our own workforce equipped with today’s most sought-after skills – providing graduates, junior professionals, and career-changers with immersive paid training with our team of industry professionals, before placing them on projects with world-leading organisations across all industries. Our approach helps our consultants to accelerate their own career in an industry that might have not been accessible to them – and businesses also benefit as they have the right resources to innovate and thrive. Furthermore, we are committed to overcoming the persisting gender divide in the technology industry, holding ourselves accountable to hiring 40% female and non-binary consultants.

To date Kubrick has trained over 1,000 data and next-generation technology professionals to support organisations such as, HSBC, Sky, P&G, GSK, and Jaguar Land Rover, Credit Suisse, P&G, and Morgan Stanley Kubrick is headquartered in the UK and has begun its expansion in the North American market this year.
Kubrick - USA - Kubrick - USA

How did you come up with the idea for the company? And why do you think makes this company unique?

After nearly 20 years of building businesses in the search and talent industry, we realised there was a skills gap that just couldn’t be filled with talent coming from traditional education routes – a technology skills emergency was emerging as organisations were transforming into data-driven enterprises.

We recognised that the cost of undertaking a master’s degree or bootcamp in order to gain these skills was an enormous barrier for the workforce we needed for the sake of our economy and society at large, so we envisioned a model which would make a significant upfront investment in the training and development of data and technology professionals in order to build the diverse and inclusive workforce we need for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Moreover, the costly and short-termist solutions provided by traditional consultancies were leaving organisations bereft of technology skills required for the longevity of this transformation movement, so we designed a model whereby organisations could build their own teams sustainably with the ability to offer permanent roles to the consultants who has already embedded in their teams after 2 years on projects with Kubrick.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our first phase of evolution focussed on the practices of skills we teach – expanding from data-centric skills in engineering, governance, and management to technical business analysis and product delivery, machine learning, and cloud transformation.

Whilst we continue to adapt and update the tools and technologies included in our programmes to keep on top of the pace of change, we have also been busy evolving the nature of our training itself. The pandemic was a real shock to Kubrick because of our classroom-based teaching, but we adapted quickly to remote learning and found it instead helped us to become more geographically inclusive with our hiring and able to scale. We had a great opportunity to reflect on how we were teaching and build a hybrid experience which better equips consultants for the agile world of work.

What can we hope to see from Kubrick in the future?

Kubrick’s model inherently builds an incredible network of technology professionals who will go on to be our future leaders, and we have always prided ourselves on the strength of friendship and support we see in the cohorts of consultants who train together. Last year we officially launched our Alumni Network, shaping a community of professionals who have now left Kubrick after their 2 years on projects and are already making great strides in their careers in the technology industry at large.

We are building our development opportunities for these Alumni, including mentoring and volunteering initiatives, and the ability to amplify their personal brand through our platforms. However, we want to go further and shape Kubrick as a life-long partner for learning.

We have commenced building an internal learning platform to host all our training resources, facilitate interactive skills assessments, and build an online community for consultants at all levels to connect and help each other. Not only will it make Kubrick’s training more inclusive and accessible for our consultants, but we are excited about the possibilities of further upskilling it will bring for our Alumni as they progress in their careers.