Meet Slava Demchuk, CEO at Anti-Money Laundering Service: AMLBot

AMLBot is a service that allows you to check crypto wallets for “dirty” crypto.

Crypto scams sweep the cyberspace. And while many know about the “traditional” scams, the danger of getting ripped off doesn’t stop at sharing your personal details on a phishing website. People who receive cryptocurrency are at a massive risk of getting their accounts banned and money lost if they receive “dirty” crypto — one that has been involved in illegal transactions (such as buying weapons, drugs, etc.), stolen, or obtained through fraud.

If you have such cryptocurrency in your wallet, you indirectly become an accomplice in the crime, and your funds may be blocked from performing exchanges or other services like fund withdrawals. To prevent this from happening, you need to check the wallets of the users with whom you conduct any operations — and that’s exactly what AMLBot does. In just three years, we saved our clients from a whopping $65 000 000 worth of crypto rip-offs.

In addition to inspections, we also provide consulting services to help with investigations in case of cryptocurrency theft. We also help companies by providing all the necessary procedures for AML and KYC, to protect themselves and their clients from “dirty” crypto.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Our founding team of AMLBot was an active operator of the OTC market, or in other words, Exchanges. We knew the market well, and we saw that so many companies encountered AML problems, which, unfortunately, were not thoroughly researched then. The few available solutions were too expensive and suitable for large enterprise companies. We realized that a vast layer of bitcoin users are underserved and have no way of protecting their funds. That’s when we decided to invent a powerful tool that would help protect millions of people from “dirty” assets.

We created AMLBot: an anti-money laundering service for regular crypto users — people like you and me — available as a pay-as-you-go tool that doesn’t require large transaction volumes or significant upfront investments. It is the only service on the market that lets you quickly check crypto wallets and transactions in a Telegram Bot without having to download any apps, commit to monthly subsections, and so on.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We started with a simple Bot in Telegram and had many registrations in a couple of weeks. Later, we created a website for those who prefer the web version. In addition, we opened an API to authorize easy AML checks.

We continued working on AMLBot and expanded our services. For example, we added KYC with a whole team responsible for consulting.

The company is growing further as we bring a valuable product to the crypto market and work toward our big goal of educating people on how to protect their funds and minimizing cybercrime globally.

What can we hope to see from AMLBot in the future?

In the future, we plan to enhance our services and facilitate access to in-depth crypto investigations for all people. We are constantly working on delivering the best service with the lowest price possible, all while ensuring an accessible, friendly, and usable user experience for end-users.

Moreover, we are working to level up our consulting services and launch full-scale educational programs, from webinars to conferences, to provide everyone with knowledge about the basics of financial and crypto literacy.

We want to educate people on the basics of ‘crypto hygiene’, which includes validating their incoming funds to avoid any criminal schemes and fraud. The entire team behind AMLBot is always trying to protect you from the dark side by checking your funds.

Last but not least — crypto is clean. Own it!