Meet Stefano Sironi, Co-Founder & CEO at Mobile Repair Network: Axioma

Stefano Sironi

Axioma makes buying craftsmen services easy by employing industry insiders to negotiate with suppliers, on your behalf. When you purchase a service (car repair, mechanic, plumbing, electrical work, landscaping) you, as a customer, are in a position of weakness: you don’t know how long the work takes, how much materials cost, or which local supplier is best.

Today, you mitigate this by going on Google or specialised directories (e.g. Taskrabbit) and you rely on reviews to take a decision. This takes time: time to research the suppliers, review a dozen quotes and potentially even interview the suppliers. What if you could bypass all of this, and have an expert, someone who’s from the trade who deals with the suppliers in your area daily, sell you the service you need, and then find the right craftsman for the job? That’s what we do at Axioma.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

When you buy a service online you are bombarded with information. Studies have shown that information overload (i.e., when the amount of information presented exceeds consumers’ ability to process the information) leads to worse decision quality and purchasing experience. At Axioma we have in-house experts that are equipped to deal with this information overload and craft solutions for our customers that are easy to digest and highly price-competitive.

Axioma is unique because it is the only online platform that will give you a single quote based on our experts’ unbiased assessment of what needs to be done to your car, what the true, fair cost of that repair will be, and who in your area is best suited to carry out the repair. It’s basically like having an expert personal assistant help you find a fixer.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Axioma was born to streamline car body repairs. We initially launched thinking that our target customers would be auto insurers but soon realised how hard it really is to break into the insurance space as a start-up. Fortunately, we also realised that there was a whole group of people that we could help directly: auto owners.

We adapted, changed our technology, and learned to sell to consumers at scale. We’ve helped thousands of car owners since then and realised that customers come to us mainly to get guidance on pricing and a sense of who works well in their area. From this perspective, what we offer transcends car repairs – which is why we will now be expanding into every type of craftsman service.

What can we hope to see from Axioma in the future?

Over the next couple of years, we will grow in three different directions: vertically, horizontally, and geographically. Vertically, by teaming up with insurers to help policyholders keep premiums low (even when they have a minor fender bender); horizontally by expanding our service offering to include home repairs; and geographically to offer our services to Europe and beyond!