Meet Stephanie Crespin, Founder and CEO at Clothing Resell Service: Reflaunt

Reflaunt is a leader in resale solutions, offering retailers white label technology and operations to accelerate their circular transition.

Reflaunt helps power retailer’s in house resale service with options to implement either take back programmes or a concierge consignment services, where consumers receive payment cash or a higher return in store credits.

Reflaunt also help build retailer’s pre loved offering, providing highly curated pre loved item to build a high quality second hand channel.

Reflaunt can also give access to its multichannel distribution network to sell items collected on third party platforms.

Reflaunt thrives to define the future of luxury retail by aiming at building a world of positive consumption where customer resell before buying new.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I’ve been involved in the second hand market for over a decade. My first company was the first second hand luxury marketplace in South east Asia, Styletribute. While scaling this marketplace I was confronted with key challenges many marketplaces face: such as the high operational cost of consignment, traceability of items and ensuring they are genuine, scaling the supply of the assortment selling.

I had an ‘aha’ moment when I realised that all these inefficiencies were due to the simple fact that retail and resale was operating separately and that the customer journey was broken: the same customer purchases and resells the same product yet through 2 disconnect experiences. I realised that infrastructure connecting the primary market with the secondary market, connecting retail and resale was missing. That’s when Reflaunt was born. Our whole mission is to empower brands with resale solutions, offering them white label technology and operations to accelerate their circular transition.

Customer acquisition has risen dramatically and brands and retailers are suffering from a loyalty/retention crisis. Through Reflaunt’s solution, brands and retailers finally have the ability to retain control over the full customer journey, effortlessly re-engage their customers and convert the resale value into a repeat purchase, fueling loyalty and retention of their customer. This new model unlocks a circular model that promotes positive consumption.
Reflaunt - Member of the World Alliance

What makes your company unique?

Several things make our company quite unique.

First we have strong integration capacity with retailers. Our aim is to completely brand the resell journey in the existing web experience of the retailer. We integrate and access customer’s past purchase history to facilitate the resell experience in a few clicks from the website of the brand.

Second, we have a unique decentralised distribution capability. When it comes to selling the pieces we collect, we can either sell those products on the website of the brand or use our multi channel manager.

The multi channel manager is a proprietary tool that allows us to list products on more than 30 marketplaces around the world. For example, from the same customer in London, their sneakers may do well on GOAT in the US, their handbag will sell on Level Shoes in Dubai, the coat on Saks OFF 5th and so on…

Thirdly, we enable the brands/ retailers to capture valuable data on post-purchase; In traditional linear cycle brands have no visibility on what happens to items once the customer completes an order. We bring customers back on their platform when they are able to resell that item, while giving brands visibility into how long they held onto it, how much they wore it, and the value retained by the item

Finaly, we are among the few or only with global capabilities. Our operations allows us the cover north America, Europe and south east Asia. For a global brand like Netaporter or Balenciaga, our worldwide coverage that spreads across 30 channels worldwide east is key to cater to their international clientele.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

In the span of four year we have deployed our service across three continents (Europe, South East Asia and north America). Today serve some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Our clients include high street brands such as H&M and COS, affordable luxury brands like Ganni, Axel Arrigato and luxury houses like Balenciaga. We also work with many multi brand retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Net a Porter, MR Porter, the Outnet or Saks fiths avenue.

Reflaunt has been growing on avg. 25% month-on-month for the past 12 months.

What can we hope to see from Reflaunt in the future?

We want to empower as many brands or retailers with a resale. Our belief is that resale will become an essential component of any retail customer journey. We hope to accelerate the shift by offering an underpinning infrastructure for the product’s second life through collaboration with other companies and complementary services.

Soon, you’ll be able to resell your items from an ecommerce platform but also from the item’s digital ID or ownership certificate on the blockchain, you’ll be able to recycle and upcycle, or be able to choose to repair or maintain one of your past purchases. All of this in a few clicks and through a connected customer experience.

In order to future-proof the luxury fashion industry, retail and resale can no longer be considered separate. We need beautifully crafted pieces to stay in circulation for longer to maximise their potential and extend their timeless value. The great news is the shift has already begun and it will not be long till the industry realises that the secondary market will disproportionately reward those brands that build products to last, and that stand by the quality of their pieces.