Meet Stephen Allen, Market Evangelist at AI-Powered Client Intelligence Provider: Orgaimi

Orgaimi is a unique offering for professional services firms, which uses cutting edge data science and predictive intelligence techniques allied with deep domain expertise to help firms grow revenue.

Orgaimi does this by helping firms (1) identify what services their clients are most likely to need, (2) score the likelihood of such needs, (3) identify the best team to service client needs based on technical and sector expertise, (4) identify realizable cross selling activities and (5) help integrate lateral hires more profitably and more quickly.
Orgaimi Logo

What do you think makes Orgaimi unique?

Orgaimi is unique because it offers genuine insight into what clients are likely to need leveraging a proprietary AI engine — with all the information being served up through a beautiful user interface designed to be used by real people (not data scientists! Ha). I don’t believe I have ever seen a B2B technology offering that feels as intuitive and as easy to use as Orgaimi.


How has the company evolved, since its founding, in the last couple of years?

The company was borne out of a very high-end strategy and data consulting house, which had an unrivalled understanding of the professional services market and its firms. Since inception, Orgaimi has sought to be a growth focused tool that serves up easily actionable insights.

The team at Orgaimi has continued to evolve the product, its algorithms, the sources of data it can ingest, and the simplicity of its UI to make it ever more powerful but ‘easy to drive’.

What can we hope to see from Orgaimi in the future?

The data that Orgaimi ingests and the power of its algorithms will enable us to expand its predictive power to talent and team development as well as team ‘fit’, new service lines and anticipatory (be that opportunistic or preventative) steps a client can take to enhance their business and mitigate risk.