Meet Stephen McNulty, CEO and Founder at Environmental Risk Assessment Company: Ambisense

Ambisense was founded in 2014 with the belief that technology adoption would improve the assessment of environmental risk. Ambisense is an IoT and AI analytics business which focuses on monitoring environmental risks such as risks from climate change and Covid 19.

Our company’s products are used to analyse environments in places such as offices, schools, factories, hospitality venues and major infrastructure projects. Ambisense’s mission is to build the worldʼs leading system of intelligence, to automate, analyse and accelerate environmental risk assessment for a safer and more sustainable world.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I founded Ambisense in 2014 with the belief that technology adoption would improve the assessment of environmental risk.

At the time technology was perceived to be a real threat to established business models (and still is in some instances) but I felt confident that as technology improved and market demands changed that those barriers would fall and the industry would embrace digitalisation, just as practically every other industry has and is doing.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

As the environmental industry evolved, so did Ambisense, not only developing Ambilytics, a system of environmental intelligence but bringing innovations to new industries and markets.

Ambisense’s latest funding round, a €3 million raise last August allowed Ambisense to recruit and thus elove. The headcount has doubled to 29 in the past year and will grow again, though not as fast. Ambisense now has offices in the UK and the Netherlands, focused on developing sales in the British and continental European markets, while research and development remains based in Dublin.

What can we hope to see from Ambisense in the future?

Ambisense is continuously working on new products while also further innovating already existing products. Ambisense’s most recent launch consists of a new suite of analytical tools, which we call BEPA™ (Built Environment Performance Analytics™). The first two tools in this suite are Air Change Performance Analytics™ (ACPA™) and Thermal Performance Analytics™ (TPA™). ACPA™ helps users understand the air movement in a space, meaning the length of time that it would take for the air in the room to be completely replaced with fresh air. Ventilation is an essential component in removing pollutants from the indoor environment, yet in many cases little is understood about the real-world performance of our ventilation systems.

The second of the tools, TPA™, allows users to minimise unnecessary energy loss and drive down costs while also improving the comfort and wellbeing of building occupants. In most spaces, the control of heating and cooling is based on simple timing and thermostatic control. However, the heating and cooling efficiencies of a building are driven by a complex interplay of factors.

Ambisense is also currently working on flood prevention, which is a complex, topical, and extremely expensive issue. We think that there’s a huge opportunity to look at the performance and behaviour of flood defence assets. Those are the assets that protect cities and towns from failure.

Ambisense is now looking at whether to expand deeper into the verticals already explored, or perform an acquisition to enter another one. It’s definitely something to be further investigated in 2023.


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