Meet Sutha Siva, COO at Manx Telecom and CEO at IoT Company: OV

Sutha Siva

OV is a business that specialises in powering IoT delivery through connectivity. Our solutions are the bedrock of customer IoT ecosystems. They are designed to help customers leverage the full potential of IoT and realise transformational productivity gains.

Being part of the Manx Telecom Group and having been created from its Global Solutions division, OV has a unique perspective on connectivity and IoT. We’re an established MNO with the mindset of a challenger and ambition of a changemaker. We don’t just focus on making things work in the real world today, we’re building a platform for tomorrow by empowering visionaries to shape the future of IoT.

Our business covers two key areas: the fast growing world of IoT where our SIMs provide dependable device connectivity to sectors requiring processes, controls, and automation to be delivered remotely – and traveller MVNO and MVNE where our network of global partnerships delivers uninterrupted connectivity for those that need it.
Manx Telecom rebrands roaming division as OV to serve 'expanding' IoT demand

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The organic growth and evolution of Global Solutions, combined with the exponential growth in IoT meant we needed a distinct new identity so the business could focus and become much more global. To that extent, we arrived at the point where the company needed to be created.

From Global Solutions to OV – our business has always been powered by partnerships. Backed by Manx Telecom infrastructure, OV already has world-class network infrastructure and roaming relationships with 600+ mobile operators in 170 countries and over 5 million SIMs connecting IoT solutions. This foundation meant we had the ability to view the opportunities, think entrepreneurially, and consider the needs of partners, customers and the industry to create a new type of business that sees things differently.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Different areas of our business have been impacted differently. The pandemic has massively accelerated digital transformation meaning IoT is thriving, while on the flipside international travel remains on pause.

This has made it necessary to innovate and evolve so we can align ourselves with the opportunities.

To do this, we have invested significantly in our network infrastructure, connectivity portfolio, platforms product development and partnerships. With increased coverage, global support and even greater agility, we are creating more opportunities and enabling partners to grow and thrive in the IoT ecosystem by removing barriers. Customers are also feeling the benefit. These upgrades mean we are poised for the opportunities emerging from the pandemic in both areas of our business.

What can we hope to see from OV in the future?

OV is boldly pursuing global growth, but we’re also clear on our strengths – IoT enablement and mobile connectivity.

Looking ahead we will continue broadening our work with partners and enablers to capitalise on the growing opportunities in IoT. From health tracking, connected cars and smart traffic management to connected medical devices – product developers and manufacturers are really only just starting to scratch the surface of the potential. Specifically we also see huge opportunities in the area of voice IoT where we have already cultivated solid expertise and strong partnerships.

Finally, as international travel returns, people who have been more connected than ever during the pandemic, will expect the same immediacy and convenience when travelling for business or pleasure. To meet this need we in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way, we are launching eSim capability to meet the needs of seamless connectivity during travel.