Meet Taylor Odegard, CEO at Proptech Analytic Company: NavigatorCRE

The NavigatorCRE platform was designed to be a centralised source of truth connecting data sources, teams, functionality, programs, and insights into one holistic platform to affect the most important thing in business: knowledge.

We achieve this by accelerating the ingestion, audit, remediation, integration, and visualisation of all data related to the CRE enterprise. Our platform is patented, cloud-based, and most importantly, agnostic to lifecycle stage, geographic location and property type. Navigator’s main function is to weaponise your data.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I studied Real Estate Development and Finance at University in Los Angeles, CA, whilst interning for CRE operators. In doing so, I noticed that technology built to serve this industry was virtually non-existent. In the 14 subsequent years my professional CRE career grew as I ran large national research teams and worked for one of the top global investment sales teams.

Noticing that there still was an enormous chasm for CRE technology, I began to infuse best practices in data visualisation, analytics, market mapping and business intelligence to educate clients and weaponise our team’s data to better understand transactional opportunities.

Resultantly, enormous traction and demand for the platform arose from the brokerage and asset management community. It didn’t take long before myself and my co-founders considered building our software into a scalable enterprise platform to serve the CRE industry globally.

Having taken the leap, we are now an industry leader in CRE Analytics and Visualisation.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Since its inception, NavigatorCRE has always embraced the hybrid work model.

Consequently, there was a natural progression for our teams when we were required to be heavily remote. We were using Zoom & GoToMeeting back in 2016 and conducting remote presentations, demos, and client engagement before anyone really knew what that was. During Covid we approached our clients with both sides of the demand spectrum.

We enabled them to use the exact same data that they were analysing for growth and acquisitions and shifted to Aged Receivables, Collections, Tenant Rent Abatements (Covid-19 Relief), Covid 19 outbreak locations and virality, and ultimately portfolio risk mitigation.

This was enormously successful as it enabled our clients to unlock the power of their data for a completely unexpected initiative to uncover optics and impact on NOI and portfolio performance during the pandemic.

What can we hope to see from Navigator in the future?

NavigatorCRE will continue to push the leading edge of CRE tech with its unique blend of state-of-the-art data analytics, as well as industry-leading expertise in CRE operations with a client-focused innovation initiative.

We will be evolving the platform to have dozens of new partner API integrations with leading ERPs, CRMs, Construction and Data platforms to enable our clients Rapid-Connect ability to their entire suite of data sources. We will be enhancing data governance and audit functionality, delivering improved mapping tools through our partnership with Google, and even adding a full access CRE Data Management product to our platform offering built for Data/IT teams.

We will also enhance our platform’s ability to seamlessly float on top of any Data Warehousing solution that our clients have implemented, built, or licensed, so they can swiftly elevate their aggregated data into our engine to experience NavigatorCRE’s Return on SpeedTM.