Meet Sagi Rodin, CEO at Frontegg: The Start-Up Making Self-Serve Apps Plug And Play

Frontegg is a fast-growing Tel-Aviv-based startup, disrupting the user management space. Modern SaaS builders integrate Frontegg’s self-serve capabilities into their products and can go to market faster with an app that meets the expectations that users have for modern applications.

Just think of the smooth onboarding experience we’re used to from apps like Slack, Notion, Figma and others. You sign up instantly, open a workspace for your organization, start a trial or a freemium plan, invite more members while managing their roles easily, and effortlessly upgrade to a paid tier once you’re ready. Providing these types of seamless experiences within a product is tedious, most companies can’t afford to invest the resources that are necessary or simply don’t have the know-how.

Frontegg allows companies to build winning SaaS applications with all of the bells and whistles, while staying laser-focused on their core product.


What do you think makes Frontegg unique?

Frontegg is taking user management to the next level by embracing the evolution of SaaS products throughout the last few years. While user management used to refer mainly to the authentication flow, customers now expect a whole different standard when embracing new products.

User management now includes aspects of every stage of the user journey, from signing up all the way to converting to a paid plan. At every stage, users expect great design, UX and a seamless self-serve experience. Frontegg allows companies to get all of that out-of-the-box in a just few lines of code. No other user management solution has as much product impact as we have for our customers.


How has Frontegg evolved over the last couple of years?

We started to gain traction in 2020 and Frontegg’s customer portfolio has been growing rapidly over the past year, especially after the announcement of our Series A funding round in December 2021.

Penetrating the SaaS market made us understand how important Product-Led Growth (PLG) has become today. It’s only natural that self-service and PLG-centric features have become our primary focus.

While Frontegg started with basic user management components, we’ve expanded our platform since then and today, you can integrate a full customer portal within your app, and enable self-serve capabilities through a no-code toggle-on experience.

What can we hope to see from Frontegg in the future?

Frontegg is embracing the PLG philosophy and we aim to be at the forefront in this space with our self-serve technology. I’m glad to share that we have recently bolstered our Product team by hiring leading professionals and experts. Our development team is also expanding constantly to innovate and help create a mature SaaS offering that can address multiple use cases.

I can also share that we plan to amplify our focus on the US market in 2022 and beyond. You can expect to see some important strategic hires in the coming months. We definitely see ourselves as leaders in the fast-growing user management space.