Meet Omri Lachman, CEO at LEAP: The Platform Levelling The Playing Field For Youth Athletes With NFTs

LEAP is a next-generation, sporting discovery and endorsement platform, hidden and blended within Play-to-Earn (P2E) game settings. The LEAP platform leverages Web3 technologies to solve the main problem which talents face today: being discovered. There are many talented athletes around the world who never obtain any meaningful exposure due to the challenges of obtaining mainstream media coverage.

Talents who live in challenging economies may not have access to capital and tools which would enable them to participate in a Web2 platform.

Such challenges effectively exclude them from participating in the global sports economy – and stifling, or even stopping their potential as an athlete. LEAP aims to change this.
LEAP is levelling the playing field for youth athletes with NFTs -  BlockchainGamerBiz

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We are at the dawn of a new era in the digital world, where the definition of sport talent has evolved. Going pro is no longer the only win for athletes in order to “make it.” In a world where less than 0.01% of athletes will reach any professional ranks, many athletes strive for a secondary route to stardom – one achieved via becoming a digital influencer. We saw this opportunity and used decentralized economic models enabled by blockchain technologies.

Not only is this possible, but such possibilities are democratized and accessible to all.

By utilizing new Web3 capabilities such as Play-to-Earn (P2E), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Utility Tokens, a new wave of social media channels, and LEAP’s proprietary Ranking & Discovery Engine, LEAP is trailblazing new ways for players, talent seekers, fans, and others to interact in the entertaining and lucrative sporting world.


What problem is LEAP trying to solve in the world of Sports today?

We are trying to revolutionize the world of sports and solve one of its biggest problems. The sports industry is a structured and almost entirely institutionalized industry, which perfectly works for all parties. When we look at the definition of a Sports Talent, this closed structure becomes a significant barrier.

At LEAP, we see that when athletes emerge at a very early age, if they are not privileged to access minor leagues in the US, Europe, or after-school activities, we’re missing a huge portion of “raw material” for this industry called Talent.

Not every one of these boys or girls will become the next star. But we need to remember sports and sports activities are not necessarily about becoming part of an institution, club, or a big sports brand, it’s about being engaged in sports activities, whether you remain amateur or come up with one of the multiple and new ways to position yourself as a sportsman or sportswoman.

What can we hope to see from LEAP in the future?

2021 has shown that blockchain technology is here to stay. With waves of new participants entering the crypto economy on a daily basis, it is only a matter of time before a critical mass is achieved and Web3 capabilities become fully leveraged.

For many new users, blockchain-based applications may appear to be intimidating. However, LEAP’s platform is designed so that its users won’t be overwhelmed by sophisticated Web3 terms.

With P2E and NFTs as a central tenet around how LEAP’s users will engage in the space, users will be participating in a Web3 world without any of the technological barriers that usually come with embarking in a new technological space. LEAP expects an influx of non-native crypto users to the platform who look to participate in the LEAP economy over the long term.