Meet the Co-Founder & CEO Behind XMANNA, Taking NFT Gaming & Meta-Verses To Mass Adoption

XMANNA is focused on enhancing live event fan experiences and engagement through our loyalty and gamification software. Our services include a SDK for developers to introduce cash and crypto rewards to games. Developers can then use this kit to integrate games on our bespoke Sports Loyalty Application, which allows teams and leagues to create a fully customized app to build long-term fan loyalty.

Additionally we have a major focus on creating metaverse experiences for teams and companies including stadiums, venues, and retail space. This unlocks a new interactive and rewarding virtual experience for fans through the creation of a partnership network of events and exclusive content powered by NFT tickets.
XMANNA Official (@XMANNAOfficial) / Twitter

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I started my career in the finance sector as a hedge fund manager but I always felt like it was not the right place for me. After meeting my business partner Gabi I made the transition to tech. We started off as two guys in a basement thinking about how to create a new ecosystem to merge gamification with sports loyalty.

Our first deal was solidified in Israel with the Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball team, within 2 seasons we managed to triple their fan base and increase engagement with our gamification engine. From that point, we found a clear path forward leading us to this point of being on the verge of a new era in sports and entertainment.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We adjusted to the pandemic in the best ways we could. Everyone had to adapt and make changes, and although the pandemic did not affect us financially we had to make some big adjustments in how we work and manage our employees.

The pandemic made us a fully decentralized company in the sense that almost all of our employees are working remotely in different locations around the world.

What can we hope to see from XMANNA in the future?

Our goal with XMANNA is to make it an all-encompassing metaverse and loyalty interface, regardless of the technology our users choose to access the platform with. Building this metaverse entertainment hub will impact both existing sports teams and future endeavors within the virtual space.

Our patented technology is the core of what we do and is fully connected to our MannaVerse, loyalty programs, gaming, drops and so much more. Currently, we are in discussions right global leaders and organizations in sports to bring our technology to markets around the world.