Meet The Founders at Mental Wellness Platform: Meditopia

Founded in 2017, Meditopia is one of the world’s leading global mental health platforms. ​With over 30 million members, Meditopia’s content has been curated, localised, and made available in 12 different languages.

A platform with strong focus on coaching and meditation, Meditopia has a clear mission to provide mental health practices anytime, anywhere for everyone around the world.

The platform, available through iOS, Android and web and present in over 100 countries, offers content for meditation, sleep, and motivation in different formats including audios, music, texts and, most recently art. This content has been exclusively developed by mental health and wellbeing professionals including psychologists, mental health coaches, sleep experts, etc, from across the globe, curating the materials to address the specific needs of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, and unique daily challenges.

Meditopia has achieved impressive growth in numbers of users and, most importantly, in satisfaction and trustworthiness consistently rating above 4.8* in over 500.000 reviews in all app stores.
Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation on the App Store

How did you come up with the idea for Meditopia?

We all shared a deep concern about the mental health crisis spanning across the globe and decided in 2017 to develop a platform together that would offer the most comprehensive and personalised mental health experience possible, and to do it in a multitude of languages and across the world. That is how Meditopia was born and created by the three of us, Fatih Celebi, Berk Yilmaz and Ali Murat Ceylan.

We had seen that most of the apps offering mental wellbeing support were only in English and that their contents were very much the same for everyone, regardless of people’s backgrounds or the countries they were from. We believe that mental health is important and personal and so requires an approach and attention which is individualized and considers important aspects like people’s mother tongue or their culture, as both have an impact in how they see and feel the world. Meditopia tries to meet this crucial need for relevance and attention to individuality.

We already had some experience in this space as we had previously developed an app to improve the physical health of elderly people. This included physical exercises as well as guided meditations to support mental health.

Seeing the positive impact of mindfulness on others as well as on ourselves, we decided to create a mental health platform to support people around the world. In 2017, we started by providing mindfulness meditations and then expanded our offer with Sleep Stories, relaxing music and breathing exercises. Today, Meditopia offers personalised mental health practices to members in 12 languages worldwide.


How has Meditopia evolved during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, we saw huge appetite and need for mental health support. As people could not meet in person, or travel, Meditopia provided that safe space for people to look after themselves.

We wanted to raise to the challenge and invested both in resources, time and focus in developing better content curated and relevant to all our members, regardless of where they were based. We worked hard in contacting local mental professionals from around the world who could adapt our existing contents  and develop new ones which would provide specific answers to the daily challenges of our members. Currently, we deliver our contents in 12 languages and in over 100 countries.

In 2020, we secured $15M Series A which would help continue in this path and explore new ways to support our members with our overarching goal of bringing mental health and wellbeing practices to as many people as possible all over the world.

What can we hope to see from Meditopia in the future?

Meditopia is growing rapidly, and we now have over 30 million members from across the world. Our aim is to continue growing and to be able to provide our services to many more people globally.

However, we want to make sure that we do it while respecting our mission and principles so will invest heavily in continuing to develop programs, usability (how users interact with the app( and content, whether it is in new languages or for new countries, or in new formats.

For example, we are currently developing some exciting individualized (one-on-one) solutions which we are looking forward to communicating shortly.

We have also launched a new series of services uniquely tailored to businesses, as we believe that the workplace sits at the centre of our mental health.