Meet Thomas Jul, CEO of Cross-Border Payment Platform: Inpay

Tell us about Inpay

At Inpay, we aim to democratise payments worldwide by making it easy, fast and secure to send money across international borders. Our approach and software technology are modernising the cross-border payments industry – a market where 97% of transfers are still handled through traditional, old-fashioned, slow and costly bank transfers. I’m proud of our success with revenues more than doubling over the last 4 years as well as recently being recognised as the 6th fastest growing fintech firm in Europe.


What do you think makes this company unique?

I think there are two things which really make Inpay stand out from the rest – our technology and our people.

In terms of technology, our platform is designed to disrupt the slow and costly cross-border transfer market. We’re the faster, cheaper, and more secure alternative to SWIFT transfer. We specialise in complex payments, specifically across countries and regions where there isn’t necessarily any conventional financial infrastructure.

Our people and culture also sets us apart. Despite the growth and international reach of the business I want start-up creativity and innovation to thrive. I’m proud of our non-hierarchical structure, which is quintessentially Danish, as well as our passionate culture, with professionals driven to make a difference. One of the key reasons for our success is that we are able to continually fuel our growth with a strong international talent pipeline.

I also champion the Nordic concept of friluftsliv, spending time outdoors, including a recent team building trip to Atlas Mountains in Morocco and our annual Danish Island company event, where we hire an entire island in Denmark and host outdoor events. These practices are championed by our employees and have boosted productivity and engagement, enabling our continued growth.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

2022 was a year of major transformation for Inpay. Having previously been ranked as the sixth-fastest-growing fintech in Europe, we undertook an organisational restructure and made significant investments into the organisation, technology and leadership team. Our global network and outstanding compliance practices are also revered. As an example, I was proud to have been able complement our Group General Counsel, Jens Heurlin, with Camila Witt as Chief Risk & Compliance Officer. This has further sharpened our already strong focus on network expansion, compliance, customer service and product development.

What can we hope to see from Inpay in the future?

I’m eager to drive sustainable growth while maintaining our strong company culture. We have grown to a team of almost 200 – with nearly 50 different nationalities represented in the team. Having lived and worked in Denmark, the USA, Germany, Austria, Canada, Indonesia and Finland myself, I cherish such a diverse cultural representation across the business. We currently have offices in Copenhagen and London, and we have just added a presence in Dubai. And we are not done! We have high ambitions to grow further into Asia and the rest of Europe, so watch this space!