Meet Tim Norris-Wiles, MD EMEA at Data Collaboration Software Company: Habu

Habu is a super innovative software company from the US, focussed on the area of secure data collaboration. Our mission is to enable companies to unlock incremental value from their data assets by joining them with those of others, all without moving or exposing the data.
Habu Partners With Databricks to Bring Cross-platform Interoperable Clean  Room Solutions for Data Driven Insights and Outcomes for Customers

How did you decide to join the Habu team?

Data clean rooms are clearly a hot area of interest, and I personally was fascinated from the first time I heard about what Habu is building. The product sits at the intersection of important secular trends like consumer privacy and data sovereignty, and I jumped at the opportunity to bring Habu’s technology to the European market.

What do you think makes this company unique?

From the tech side we’ve taken a different approach to many of the earlier clean room providers. Habu embraces the fact that we’re in a world of increasingly decentralised data, and we’ve architected our solution to work natively with our customers’ existing data warehouses.

This is a huge advantage when it comes to governance, ease of onboarding and a host of other areas. The other thing that makes Habu unique is our people, we have an amazing team across the board.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We’ve really had to grow up fast! We accelerated into complex enterprise use cases and customers almost immediately which is obviously exciting, but forces you to evolve very quickly. Bringing Snowflake Ventures in as an investor in 2021 has also been amazing as it has made us look at how we can be an intrinsically partner-driven organisation to serve our clients.

What can we hope to see from Habu in the future?

You’re going to see Habu double down on innovation as relates to privacy enhancing technologies, increasingly more verticalised versions of the product to support industries like healthcare & life sciences, and a continued commitment to being the most interoperable & scalable clean room platform available in the market.

Can you share any significant partnerships you’ve secured?

In particular there’s the great technical and business relationship with Snowflake, which I mentioned before, but Habu is also proud to be a partner of other cloud and platform players like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.