Meet Tom Taylor, Managing Director at Electronic Solutions Company: E-Sign

E-Sign is a leading global provider of secure electronic signature solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support unified digitisation and simplified document transaction management to various sectors, including government and healthcare.

Our user-friendly platform provides a number of benefits to businesses, such as time savings through increased document turnaround, cost savings by moving away from manual paperwork processes and huge environmental benefits through reducing paper waste.

We were founded in 2012 in my hometown of Liverpool as a small start-up and have since grown tremendously, with a fantastic team based across both Liverpool and the Isle of Man.




What do you think makes this company unique?


Our data is secured in the UK, which means we are the only electronic signature provider trusted on the Public Service Network, the Governments high-performance network. This has enabled us to work with public sector organisations like the UK Government and the NHS in the implementation of e-signatures and secure digital document solutions.

We’ve also been involved in various exciting projects, such as being appointed as advisors to the World Bank in the creation of a trust framework and digital ecosystem that will be rolled out in the Middle East. We have exciting projects planned in the region and are committed to making cutting-edge digital technologies accessible to as many people as possible.

We are extremely passionate about promoting digital transformation and inclusion across the world, as well as creating solutions that enable businesses to become more environmentally sustainable.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Over the past few years we have grown significantly and have almost doubled our workforce in Liverpool. We have gone from being an e-signature provider for businesses and individuals, to being chosen to advise to help accelerate digital transformation in the Middle East.

Our services and new features are ever growing, with our team of developers constantly working on new updates and improvements. We will soon be a provider of qualified electronic signatures which carries the highest probative value through the highest identity verification.

We are continuously working on keeping up to date with compliance and regulatory standards, to ensure that we are the leading provider of e-signatures and that our services can be used by all.


How did you come up with the idea for the business?


Coming from an engineering background, I’ve always had the mindset that we can make things better, simpler and should leave things in a better state then when we found it. I remember waiting weeks for a document to arrive and knew that there was technology already available that could digisite the process.

I also knew that there were other companies just starting out in the sector and so it was clear there was a market for it. So, I started working with a developer on building the platform and that’s where the E-Sign journey began.


What can we hope to see from E-Sign in the future?


You will see E-Sign continuing to promote digital transformation across the UK, Middle East and further afield. We have a continuously growing number of loyal clients who use our services and we have recently hired additional digital transformation specialists and developers to help with the growing demand. We plan to continue growing and promoting digital transformation, inclusion, and sustainability for businesses, no matter the size or sector.