Meet Tony Hasek, CEO at Cyber Security Hardware Innovator: Goldilock

Goldilock is a cyber security hardware innovator that fills a specific, growing need – the need to physically control the attack surface. Modern online working and socialising practices demand constant connectivity, both in our digital personal lives and in business, causing real-world problems. Specifically, the systems underpinning our critical national infrastructure are more connected to the internet than ever, setting up a perfect storm of cyber attacks on infrastructure and wider society.

Goldilock’s patented security technology enables digital assets and networks to be remotely and instantly physically connected and disconnected to and from any network – without using the internet . Therefore, Goldilock brings back privacy and isolation from cyber threats, not only from the internet but to our personal lives, giving us more control over our data and autonomy. In fact, I think of Goldilock as both a technology and a philosophy.

How did you come up with the idea for Goldilock?

I’d already been working in IT for 30 years, but the genesis of Goldilock came with me watching the rise of cryptocurrency. It struck me that a miniscule piece of information could now have astronomical value – sometimes worth hundreds of millions of dollars – yet these crypto private keys are not being stored securely.

A new form of storage was needed, with the security of offline or portable storage but the accessibility of online storage. So, I took some time out – realising the need to personally disconnect to remedy and innovate – and looked deeply into the physics of the issue. I searched for a Schrodinger’s cat of network segmentation, but ended up with something much more simple, elegant, and powerful – a means of completely disconnecting assets from the internet at will, without using the internet to do it. With my co-founder, Stephen Kines, we developed this into a product that puts unhackable physical air space between networks and the internet.

How has Goldilock evolved over the last couple of years?

We started out as that little snowball at the top of a hill, and recent years have seen us accelerate and rapidly gain momentum. Goldilock was accepted into Midlands Cyber, the Midlands’ first regional network for Security By Design, and then into the National Cyber Security Centre’s NCSC For Startups programme. Last month, we opened our new state-of-the-art headquarters in Wolverhampton, fuelling Goldilock’s wider community outreach programme to encourage greater diversity in cyber.

Goldilock has also established an international presence, winning prestigious industry recognition in southeast Asia and North America. We’re now getting an impressive pipeline – going from almost zero revenue to around $600,000 in a short period. Considering we haven’t yet significantly invested in Sales or Marketing, that demonstrates the latent potential of future investment.

What can we hope to see from Goldilock in the future?

In the immediate term, we aim to solve the most impactful cyber security challenges in established private sector, military, and critical national infrastructure markets. But our long-term mission is for Goldilock to be integrated everywhere it possibly can be. From smart TVs to connected cars, we want Goldilock to be embedded so people can connect and disconnect at will, and not have a third party make that decision on their behalf. It’s about giving autonomy and control back to the people.