Meet Tracey Shirtcliff, Founder & CEO at Pricing Platform: SCOPE Better

Tell us about SCOPE Better


SCOPE Better is a pricing platform developed to support professional services businesses.

Most of these businesses suffer from what we call The Pricing Problem. Their pricing is complex, inconsistent across the business, built on scattered data and filled with blind spots.

With our platform, we bring the control and visibility needed to help ensure that our clients and their teams give the right price on every single project they deliver. 

A big part of our current mission is to facilitate transformation in the sector, helping companies to move away from outdated pricing models like time/hour and onto Deliverable-based pricing – also sometimes referred to as Asset based or Output based Pricing. This is something that is becoming even more of an imperative with the dawn of the gen AI era, which is changing the way a whole swathe of businesses work. 

Gen AI is killing time/effort-based pricing. Deliverable-based pricing is the only way to stop the erosion. Our platform’s tools like T-shirt sizing and dynamic pricing can help enable even the most complex businesses to productise their offering and make the transition. 



What do you think makes SCOPE Better unique?


Unlike most of our competitors, we’re not just a plugin, or add-on to another software. Neither are we built into someone else’s system. We’re an independent pricing platform.

We’re not fazed or hampered by our clients’ existing tech stack. Our independence means we can simultaneously connect into thousands of other systems. In effect, we’re able to push and pull data from most tools, like CRMs and ERPs used in the professional services space.

Our design is also something we’re immensely proud of, we use the latest in UI and UX best practice to serve our clients a clean modern experience that makes scoping as painless as possible.

Finally, our setup and business practices mean we are an incredibly cost-effective option for our customers. We don’t come with an astronomically high price tag that’s often associated with enterprise-level SaaS. For example, we offer a quick-start package that allows clients to start scoping within 30 days, free from any implementation costs.



How has SCOPE Better evolved?


When we founded SCOPE Better, we combined a quote builder with one of the first machine-learning tools in the sector. This tool allowed users to analyse their quotes against industry benchmarks and offered change recommendations. This was a big part of our initial service offering. 

Over time though, we decided to move away from this, we found that it was too limiting, creating too much of a standardisation. It wasn’t elevating pricing but creating a race to the bottom.

Instead, we decided to focus on building out tools in the platform that would help businesses productise their offering, making the transition to deliverable-based pricing as easy as possible.

We also initially focused solely on the creative agency space. We started the expansion into new verticals after the pandemic and are proud to have several clients in other spaces. Clinical Research Organisations, IT Businesses and Management Consultancies are all now using SCOPE Better.


What can we see from SCOPE Better in the future?


We’re currently in a high-growth phase expanding into new verticals and territories – we recently signed our first clients in Africa. 

We’ve also heavily invested in our product development team. Following a series of collaborative sessions with our clients, we’ve got a full schedule of new feature rollouts across the next 18 months.