Meet Tymen van Dyl, CEO and Co-Founder at Hotel Management System: RoomRaccoon

Tymen van Dyl

At RoomRaccoon, we are on a mission to empower independent hoteliers with the world’s fastest-growing and complete Hotel Management System (HMS).

Our innovative cloud-based platform gives accommodation businesses access to powerful technology that helps to maximise exposure, increase profitability, boost operations and enhance the guest experience.

We are an all-in-one solution that arms hotels with everything that they need to have full operational control of their business. Our HMS combines a property management system, channel manager, booking engine and payment platform and features integrated tools like automated upsell, revenue management, advanced housekeeping, digital ID scanner and more.

We know that each property is one-of-a-kind! We have an extensive marketplace with over 400 third-party applications. From Point of Sales to Electronic Room Keys, hoteliers can curate a digital ecosystem that services the unique needs of their property operations.

With this easy-to-use technology, hoteliers can free up valuable time to focus on creating an exceptional guest experience instead of operating a complex tech stack with multiple interfaces.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It all started when our Co-Founder, Nadja Buckenberger, took over a small boutique hotel in the Netherlands.

At the time, I was running my own tech business and would visit the hotel in the evenings while she finished up for the day. The hotel was operating without leveraging much technology, and she was wasting precious time manually creating invoices, preparing checkouts, writing welcome letters and creating lists for housekeeping. I am very tech-oriented myself and believe that anything that can be automated, predicted, and replicated to some degree should be done by computers.

She couldn’t find a single accessible solution to manage all aspects of her boutique property, and it soon became apparent that there was a desperate need for innovation in the industry. So together, we worked on a solution that would combine a Property Management System (PMS) with an integrated channel manager and website booking engine.

The system quickly piqued the interest of other independent hotels. We officially launched RoomRaccoon in January 2017, and six months later, we had over 100 hotels on board.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Because of our unwavering passion and our ability to build the product ourselves, we could innovate at lightning speed. We are very proud to have successfully built a fast-growing and cost-efficient business.

The fact that we chose to remain bootstrapped forced us to be hyper-focused on efficiency and GTM, which kept us growing throughout the pandemic. I believe it was worth the extra sweat to operate with an infinite runway, especially in today’s turbulent financial market, and continue growing our revenue at 80% net year on year.

Our rapid growth has seen us successfully expand into ten markets which cover Benelux, DACH, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, North America and the UK.

What can we hope to see from RoomRaccoon in the future?

RoomRaccoon has seen huge success with small properties, and with the help of our advancing system, our product is quickly gaining popularity in the larger property market too.

Our core focus will continue to be on innovation and advancing our platform to be the most desired HMS on the market. To do so, we have set the ambitious target to more than triple the size of our product and engineering team in 2023.