Meet Vadim Solovey, CTO at Managed Service Provider: DoiT International

DoiT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a strategic partner of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services and was recently named a Rising Star in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) awards. We work with customers to ensure they use the cloud in the smartest and most efficient way possible. Our team is comprised of senior engineers and distinguished experts in their fields who help support critical workflows and technologies for our customers, consulting on everything from running Kubernetes without issues to unlocking business value with machine learning.

However, what most of our customers most love about working with us, is our Flexsave cost optimization technology, with which we’re able to reduce their cloud spending across the major cloud providers — giving them very granular visibility into their infrastructure costs and automating provisioning and commitments to eliminate wasteful spend.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In 1995, I began my professional career as a software engineer. Within a few years of being in this space, I co-founded a company that built advanced data centres for large organisations. Then, in 2006, Amazon launched AWS. And whilst I was initially hesitant – perceiving AWS as a threat – I soon realised that it represented a huge shift in the global technological landscape.

Cloud computing became my passion, and I fell in love with the founding principles: elasticity, use-on-demand and infinite scalability. From 2010, I noticed that as the public cloud was maturing, organisations weren’t always getting the best out of it. My current mission as CTO and co-founder of DoiT International is to build technology and products that will deliver the original promise of the cloud.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic led to a shift in the way organisations run and operate. Many CIOs found their budgets increase as other senior leaders recognised the need to re-architect their businesses for a post-pandemic world. We’ve been operating in a hyper-growth state for over six years, currently doubling in size every 10-12 months — and that hasn’t changed despite the economic impact of Covid-19. If anything, it’s accelerated.

Throughout the pandemic, I focused much of my attention on onboarding new Do’ers and teaching them about the organisation’s goals, ensuring that everyone is aligned and on the same trajectory. When you’re growing at the pace of over a 100% per year, it’s imperative that the purpose and culture of business is ingrained in colleagues’ thought processes from day one. The shift to remote-first approach also required a lot of proactive thinking and organizational design.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved during the pandemic. Just recently DoiT was named Global Partner of the Year by Google Cloud — the second year in a row we’ve received that top honour — and we recently became an AWS Premier Partner while achieved their challenging Migration competency and joined the AWS MAP program. We’ve continued to make significant investments in our technology, products and customer service – to help support a rapidly growing customer base of more than 3,000 digital native companies across 70 countries.

What can we hope to see from DoiT in the future?

As we continue to grow, we will further develop our technology and bring our unrivalled expertise to bear for our customers, helping them to get the most out of their investment in the public cloud and the new functionality and solutions developed by the major cloud providers. This is paramount to our success, and we continuously look for ways to add value to our customers — be it through new innovations in our technology or strategic partnerships that help them to unlock new opportunities.

We’re on a rapid growth trajectory and 2022 will see us reach significant milestones in terms of revenues, headcount, markets covered and customers served.

As we continue on that journey, we will look to maintain our excellent levels of customer service and help more people understand and access all the benefits of the cloud.


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