Meet Victor Popov, The Founder Revolutionising Oral Healthcare with Biorhythmic Toothpaste

Victor Popov

KARMICARE is a new approach to oral healthcare with a biorhythmic toothpaste to aid wellness and sleep. We’ve launched two unique formulas of toothpaste to support your natural circadian rhythm to wake in the morning and aid sleep in the evening.

The morning formula ‘Awake’ includes scientifically proven ingredients to awaken the body including lime, mint and guarana, a fruit that naturally contains caffeine. The powerful evening toothpaste ‘Asleep’ includes valerian, a sleep-inducing herb. We were amazed at the impact the herb can have on sleep, as scientists found that people taking valerian had an 80% greater chance of reporting improved sleep.

KARMICARE excludes fluoride which scientists have linked to decreased melatonin and sleep disturbances. For those with sensitive teeth, lesions, early forming cavities or receding gums we include a mineral called nano-hydroxyapatite to remineralise and rebuild enamel. Unlike other toothpaste, KARMICARE can be swallowed as all the ingredients are biocompatible (non-toxic). We’ve designed it as a leave-on product instead of a rinse-off product like all other toothpastes. This extends the contact time with teeth, gums and oral mucosa to increase its mineral absorption and effectiveness.


How did you come up with the idea for KARMICARE?

The idea was born when I was at university. I struggled for many years with my sleep and saw the detrimental effect that it can have on you the next day without really knowing the reason. I noticed a pattern when I would stay up late either doing school projects, browsing the internet or watching movies, I would get tired and in some cases fall asleep.

I never looked forward to brushing my teeth before going to bed because of being tired. Luckily my mum drilled a good habit into me making sure I’d always brush my teeth in the evening. I noticed I would be wide awake staring at the ceiling, wondering how it was possible to be so awake after I’d felt exhausted just minutes ago? After trying every gimmick and trick to help improve my sleep with no results, it struck me that the last thing I did was brush my teeth.

I looked into the ingredients in toothpaste and I was shocked by certain toxic ingredients that I found. This was the moment when I decided not to consume fluoride toothpaste anymore on a daily basis.

Fast forward 4-5 years to when I was feeling burnt-out and I was financially broke after our first startup collapsed, on top of that I was heartbroken as I just got out of a relationship. The worst days of your life truly can create the best opportunities, although you don’t see and believe it at the time. After gaining 10 KG and losing my hair I decided it had to stop. Everything didn’t seem as bad as I was playing it out in my head. I realised I was the main reason for the downward spiral as I was replaying some dramatic events in my mind’s eye over and over again and blaming myself.

To reverse engineer the negative thoughts I was having, I put up sticky notes on my bathroom mirror with some kind words and achievements I had accomplished. I split my mirror in two, on the left side I wrote things I was grateful for in my life, and on the right side, I would write what I valued and what I wanted to work towards in the future. Every day I brushed my teeth I saw those notes and read them, even though I didn’t believe them at the time, they were there and I was absorbing them. It helped rewrite the story I was telling myself to stop blaming myself for what happened and reminding me what I’m grateful for and what I want for my future. This made me realise that mental health and oral health are like yin and yang.

You have to balance and keep them both in check or it will ru(i)n your health. Just weeks after, I decided to make a difference in the health space. The name KARMICARE comes from karma and karmic, denoting good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions. I decided to create my own luck and focus on the things I have and want in the future. Today, I like to remind our customers to think positively like I once had to remind myself, and we include a personal note in every order as a reminder to people to smile first.

Over the previous four years, I researched the key ingredients to help support a good night’s sleep and good physical and mental health by consulting scientific research. KARMICARE offers a healthy lifestyle with different formulas for the two different times when you use toothpaste. I hope to transform the lives of other people who’ve suffered from the same issues I have.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic is something nobody saw coming and it was definitely something we didn’t want either. We tried to look at the good side of covid and understood people would have more time to spend on themselves to rethink their life, career, health and aspirations. We also learned people would actually forget to brush their teeth for up to two days because they wouldn’t leave the house.

Consumers’ routines were off and it took a toll on their health, including their oral health. We got the chance to launch small with friends and family first. We had some issues with the airless bottles we use and luckily we were given the chance to find a solution. This would have been detrimental for us if we had officially launched to the masses. Luckily, friends and family are more understanding and accepting if things go wrong.

What can we hope to see from KARMICARE in the future?

We have big aspirations for KARMICARE to improve the health of the community and we hope to get into that later. In the near future, you can expect to see more of KARMICARE as we are preparing for our official launch and going live after the summer holidays.