Meet Vihan Sharma, Managing Director at International Data Enablement Platform: LiveRamp

Vihan Sharma

LiveRamp is an international data enablement platform with technology for the safe, easy, and effective use of data by the world’s top brands, agencies and publishers.

Powered by core identity resolution capabilities and an unparalleled network, we enable companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes, in a privacy-safe way.

What do you think makes this company unique?

Now more than ever before, consumers expect more personalised and tailored experiences from online ads, and being able to target the right group of customers is crucial for brands. But with privacy at the top of the consumer agenda, brands are having to balance excellent customer experience with a commitment to protecting customer identity and data.

LiveRamp allows companies to meet the all-important privacy needs of consumers while still being able to activate data to transform customer experiences, and in turn, generate more valuable business outcomes.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The past few years have presented significant challenges for the digital marketing industry. The deprecation of third-party cookies, the end of Apple’s IDFA and other unexpected changes from the tech giants have limited the effectiveness of brand advertising strategies and spend. In addition, the ecosystem has become highly fragmented, leading to significant audience loss when activating and measuring campaigns.

LiveRamp has evolved to combat these oncoming challenges, specifically by creating independent, people-based and cookieless infrastructure to give marketers the ultimate ad upgrade while optimising the user experience. For example, our Authenticated Traffic Solution, also known as ATS, provides a third-party cookie alternative for brands and publishers, and was developed well in advance of the tech giants’ announcements about cookie deprecation.

Our customers have recognised this evolution too, and we’ve taken on new contracts to support industry in new use cases including enabling robust data collaboration, analytics and innovation capabilities on an unprecedented global scale. Our partnership with the French grocery giant Carrefour proves this. Carrefour Links, launched last year with LiveRamp, is a shopper data, personalisation and media platform designed to enhance customer insight and relationships. The platform enables Carrefour to form partnerships with their supply partners to collaborate over data.

What can we hope to see from LiveRamp in the future?

Recently, we’ve announced strategic partnerships with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and now Snowflake to power identity natively within their cloud environments and data warehouses. For example, with our partnership with Snowflake, we’re natively embedding our identity solutions into our customers’ cloud environments, enabling them to drive people-based marketing and experiences, all while prioritising privacy and security.


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