Meet Vish Patel, Head of Business Development UK & Europe at The Specialist Pharmacy

Vish Patel, Head of Business Development UK & Europe at the Specialist Pharmacy

Specialist Pharmacy is like no other pharmacy in the UK. We have over 25 years of expertise and unrivalled experience in creating bespoke, customised medications to the highest standards. We are registered, regulated and comply with the standards of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Under section 10 exemption of the Medicines Act (1968/2012) we can make custom made medications from scratch across multiple dosage forms such as capsules, creams, gels, ointments, lozenges, oral drops, suspensions and rapid dissolve tablets to name a few.


What do you think makes this company unique?

We have the expertise to formulate alternative dosage forms where ‘Big Pharma’ or licenced medication have tried but failed or have not been the best fit for treatment. Our expertise allows us to change not only the strength of active pharmaceutical ingredients in medications but also where required, the ability to change a dosage form completely, for example from a capsule to a cream, a lozenge or oral liquid instead.

There are many scenarios where making a customised medication can benefit a patient. Some patients may have a particular intolerance or allergy to the ingredients in a generic medication and using such medication may cause unwanted side effects. In this instance, our compounding pharmacists can reformulate a medication to exclude or replace specific ingredients to avoid such adverse reactions. There are other instances where a doctor will want an alternative to an oral medication due to the way a drug may interact with the patient’s liver. Here our pharmacists can help the doctor understand alternative delivery options, where a transdermal or topical cream can be used to deliver the drug whilst by-passing the liver.

We can even make a medication more palatable by changing the flavour of the medicine. Large capsules can be difficult for geriatric or paediatric patients to swallow, a better alternative would be in many cases, for our pharmacists to use the same active ingredients but instead make a flavoured sachet that is then mixed with water or even a medical lollipop. For this reason, we believe we really are the future of alternative treatment options and individualised medicines for patients.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have continued to develop our product offering, further training our team and investing in every department within the company. This has truly allowed us to drive our growth as a company overall.

The last two years have seen us grow 25% year on year whilst navigating the procurement and supply chain challenges presented by Brexit and Covid.

What can we hope to see from Specialist Pharmacy in the future?

Expansion into other treatment areas. Our current offering includes specialising in treatments such as bioidentical hormone restoration, pain management, dermatology, haircare, Lyme disease and recently, even customised medications for animals and veterinary practices. We will look at the treatment areas where we can make the biggest impact and work from there, this is how we have always done it. Five years ago, we only made custom medications for hormone restoration. Now we have a much wider offering.