Meet Vishal Marria, CEO at Decision Intelligence Platform: Quantexa

Vishal Marria

In 2016, I founded Quantexa with one goal in mind: to create a technology platform that would materially change the way people make strategic, operational and tactical decisions from a data foundation
they could trust.

Skip forward to today, Quantexa is a global company with more than 550 employees worldwide. Our mission is to empower every organization with the right data to make the right decisions using Quantexa’s
ground breaking Decision Intelligence technology.

In a today’s world full of heightened uncertainty, organizations use the speed and accuracy of our Decision Intelligence Platform to establish confidence in their data, reach new levels of organisational efficiency, and build business resiliency.

Our platform gives our customers across different industries the ability to understand their data by connecting siloed systems and creating context by providing the ability to visualize the complex relationships that reveal hidden risk or new opportunities.

The result is a single view of data that becomes their most trusted and reusable resource across the organization that can be leveraged for a whole host of different solutions, from tackling complex financial crime and regulatory challenges, to improving customer experience and monetizing opportunities.
BNY Mellon Invests in Quantexa Technology

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My decision to pursue the idea for Quantexa happened in Las Vegas while at a conference, when I stumbled across an energetic salesperson. Although the idea wasn’t necessarily good, her energy and vision were evident and that acted as a catalyst. I had the idea to set up a company that changes the way organizations use data to make mission-critical decisions – initially to filter the good from the bad in an anti-financial crime use case for banks – and as I walked away from this conversation, I thought, why am I not doing this?

I’m thankful that my wife supported me in taking the leap and that I had the support of my co-founders who also took a leap of faith and backed me. The following day I resigned from EY and Quantexa was born.

Today, Quantexa helps its customers across several industries worldwide establish a culture of confident decision making to mitigate risk and seize opportunities on their path to building efficient and resilient organizations.

I’m grateful to be backed by an incredible team, who have helped me to put scale at the heart of every decision we’ve made.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our growth at Quantexa has been fast, and global. We solve problems that every organization which works with data has, providing confident, faster and more efficient decision making at scale. In the first year, we recruited 35 people. We now have over 550 employees, and last year we raised over $150 million in our Series D funding round.

Quantexa has seen extensive global growth across UK, Europe, North America and APAC. Most recently, we have set up a centre of excellence in Malaga, and we are continuing to expand in the Americas and Asia Pacific, with a new operation launched in UAE earlier this year.

What can we hope to see from Quantexa in the future?

Quantexa is still growing rapidly, and we are well-positioned to support our customers through this period of global volatility and economic uncertainty.

We have exciting growth plans, new innovation initiatives and a focus on further penetrating our core markets as well as developing our cross-industry business. Most recently, we announced our strategic partnership with Vodafone through its Tomorrow Street Programme, to connect disparate and siloed data points across Vodafone to deliver an improved experience for its business customers.

Quantexa’s KYC solution was also recently positioned as a category leader in the 2022 Chartis KYC Solutions Market Update and Vendor Landscape report, and I hope to see more of the same in the future.

The data analytics space is evolving rapidly and a challenge for organizations is to source the right approach and technology to maximize the value of data in efficient and effective ways, as opposed to just adding tools to their technology stack that don’t deliver and maximize an organizations biggest asset: its data. That’s where I believe Quantexa can help, and really add value in partnership so organizations can resiliently navigate the coming years with confidence.