Meet Vladimir Oane, CEO at Knowledge Discovery Social Platform: Deepstash

Deepstash is a knowledge discovery social platform for curating content online. We are a team of 30+ members across the globe who are working to transform how content is created and consumed. The purpose of our product is to make it easy to find, share, and organise ideas from articles, books, videos, podcasts and more.

Deepstash is available as an app or website, and our users, known affectionately as stashers, distil key concepts from high-quality sources of information on topics such as history, sport, productivity, health, and even science fiction. Deepstash has over 1 million users who have created a community where they can discover actionable ideas.


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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I’ve always believed a curious mind and an organised stash of notes is the key to success. When I read books I am always on the lookout for interesting ideas, but before Deepstash, my ideas were always scattered across different apps and mediums.

There was no single platform to consolidate all the information I learned and to share it with others, so I set out to create it. My strong friendship with Dan Ciotu and Cristian Mezei (my two co-founders) made Deepstash a reality.



What problem do you think the company solves well?


Information overload is a huge problem. Whilst the Internet gave us unlimited access to information our smartphones fragmented our attention. We have access to all the knowledge ever created but our way of absorbing and sharing it deteriorated significantly. This leaves us confused and exhausted, rather than inspired and driven. Technology has dramatically changed how we engage with the world around us. We cannot put the genie back in the bottle and we are all craving for meaning and genuine interaction with others.

The constant attack and overload of content is Deepstash‘s primary problem. So, our solution is to provide healthy fast food: a new format, the idea, that piggybacks on new consumption behaviours while offering a more meaningful and authentic experience. Deepstash ideas help you make sense of the world, understand yourself better and represent yourself through your thoughts. When you discover ideas you vibe with, you can save them to your stashes to keep them organized and easy to find. They represent mental anchors you can revisit at any time, unlike the regular content which you forget in a short span. Ideas you saved become a reflection of who you are.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


Deepstash is a remote company, with a fully flexible working schedule and remote teams. We have evolved largely during the pandemic. We have employed many more people in different departments, and have thrived during this strange time so our progress is looking very encouraging.


What can we hope to see from Deepstash in the future?


Expect more professional content and collaboration features on Deepstash. We think knowledge gathering is a game best played in a group and the new enhancements will facilitate this.