Meet Will Kennedy and Adrian Gilbane, Co-Founders at Digital Male Healthcare Brand: Sons

Will Kennedy and Adrian Gilbane, Sons

Sons is a direct-to-door, online healthcare brand that is revolutionising the male wellness market. We launched in 2020 and offer a simple subscription service with clinically proven products.

Our service is fully backed by science and tailored to each individual, offering everything from hair care to brain health, gut care and most recently immunity to help look after male health as a whole.
Spider announces partnership with men's health brand Sons | Spider

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It all started with an honest conversation in the pub about hair loss back in 2018. Speaking about our experiences of costly and inaccessible treatment made us realise things needed to change, so we combined our experiences in healthcare, clinical research and business to establish the digital health direct-to-consumer service, starting with hair loss treatment plans via online medical consultations.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Starting as an online company luckily meant we weren’t hit by the pandemic in the same way physical stores were, but throughout the pandemic, we were working hard behind the scenes, alongside our established team of medical experts to expand our offering.

Our first expansion was into the gut care market, working with leading gut scientist Dr Ruari Robertson. We then launched a brain health product, and most recently an immune health supplement, all of which have been clinically trialed and are backed by science. This has allowed us to provide a well-rounded approach to all aspects of male health, whilst working with a team of experts including our Medical Director Dr Knut Moe to give the products further medical backing.

What can we hope to see from Sons in the future?

Alongside extending our offering to further products and markets that enable and support a healthy lifestyle for men, we’re keen to continue working on our social impact. In terms of business vision, we’re a global brand leading change in conversation and treatments in men’s health. Tackling stigmas around male health and mental health is important for Sons, which is why we teamed up with Calm to raise awareness and money to help men live better lives.

We’re also always looking to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and partner with a number of eco-initiatives to offset beyond our emissions, which has led us to be proudly carbon neutral.