Meet Yaniv Shtalryd, CEO at Baby Monitoring Software Company: Babysense

Yaniv Shtalryd

Babysense is the originator of and first to market the non-contact infant breathing monitor. We are a global leader in both breathing and video monitoring for children.

Our products have been used by more than 2 million customers worldwide in both homes and hospitals. Our Babysense breathing monitors have helped save thousands of lives and enabled millions of peaceful nights for parents.
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Why did you decide to join the company?

I grew up in a family where talking about innovation was commonplace. My father always shared his ideas with us and would build prototypes and urge the family to get involved and give feedback. I always admired innovation, but I knew business was what I really wanted to do.

It felt natural I would complement my father’s innovation with my business development skills. After completing my army service and studies, I felt compelled to scale Babysense. My father developed the original product and urged me to come into Babysense and try to be impactful. I started from the bottom, delivering baby monitors from the trunk of my car and honestly, I still miss those days sometimes.

After a year, I started managing the Israeli distributors and was in charge of finding new distributors abroad. In 2013, I took over the role of CEO. Around 3 years ago, we added a D2C (direct-to-consumer) sales channel, (currently the majority of our revenue channel) and re-invested in R&D.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have transitioned from a b2b2c business to being D2C, enabling us to be in closer contact with new parents and better understand their needs.

After becoming a D2C, we realized we needed to upgrade our customer service. We began taking live calls instead of emails, and implemented a CRM and ticketing system with multichannel support. We even created an automated system that helps resolve most of our customers’ cases within a few hours. Today most of the company’s sales are direct to consumers.

What can we hope to see from Babysense in the future?

We have recently launched the world’s first smart mattress for babies and children, the Babysense Cloud. Babysense will develop a product suite to create a fully connected nursery solution with the mattress serving as a focal point for the ecosystem. The mattress detects micro-movements, such as chest movements and environmental factors like temperature, and humidity in the room.

It can even tell when your child needs to be changed. Through our app, Babysense offers AI-based personalized tips and predictions for parents, enhanced by Kim West, who is the foremost leading Children’s Sleep coach in the world and also known as “The Sleep Lady.” During CES 2022, the mattress won awards in two categories- Smart Home and Health & Wellness.

Being a father to 4, has only increased my passion for our cause and for improving new and existing parents’ quality of life. By creating the Babysense Cloud, we hope to help new parents out there connect with their little ones in a meaningful way.