Meet Yasin Alimam, Chief Patch Officer at Rentable Workspace Company: HotPatch

HotPatch is the platform that connects space and business owners with professionals seeking to use it on a flexible basis.

We want people to realise that if they’ve got space, it could be used to make income, and for those looking for space, they now have a platform where they are spoiled for choice for locations to use.

HotPatch has already worked with innovative and exciting brands such as Puma, Clash Magazine, ModelMe and more.

We’ve been through our seed round of funding, and are continuing to grow the team, whilst building our user and ‘Patch’-base, all the way until we are a household name.
HotPatch | Rent space that works for you

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It started when I was working on a similar concept in the fitness & wellness space. I realised that there are so many more professionals who rent the space they need, but need it on a flexible basis, and yet the only method of doing so was really awkward and time-consuming.

I thought to myself, if all of these companies out there can deliver food to your house in 10 minutes and you can get a cab through a quick swipe of an app on your phone, why can’t we just make accessing the space you need just as easy for professionals too?

Thus, HotPatch was born and I started building.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Starting a space-sharing platform during a pandemic, and national lockdown sounds like a truly impossible challenge. But in reality, it gave us this wonderful grace period to build an incredible website, establish what HotPatch is all about, and set our sites firmly on the future.

Our team has rapidly grown, and we’ve just undergone a competitive seed round of funding.

The world of work is changing, and as lockdown has lifted, we’re looking to become the biggest player in changing the attitude towards work, and work-life balance.

The forever-office, 9-5, workstyle is dying, and HotPatch will be there to help those lost and looking for flexible bases from which to work and build their businesses, by connecting them with all of the space they need when they need it.

What can we hope to see from HotPatch in the future?

Soooo much! We are as ambitious as they come. We want to keep adding Patches all around the country, and eventually all over the world too.

Our vision is that any user, in any part of the U.K. would be able to log on to the platform, and be able to find a space, near or far, in any of the categories they’re interested in.

So right now, we are working hard to get more and more of our Patches listed, and getting them in front of our wonderful community of professionals who are looking for their next rentable space.