Meet Zack Rosenberg, CEO and Co-Founder at On-Stream Video Monetisation Platform: CatapultX

Zack Rosenberg

CatapultX sits on the forefront of innovation within video monetization, advertising and brand safety. By utilizing AI, CatapultX On-Stream smart overlays appear in the video content at the moment of highest impact. They are preferred by consumers 9:1 and generate 2.3X the performance for advertisers.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I started a company called WatchFantom, which was a sports media company. We hired sports talk radio hosts from across the country, acquired the rights to independent sports leagues, and began generating over 600K viewers a day across social and our website after a few months.

However, the income generated from this was low, but we did not want to add a ton of interruptive ads on our videos, so we created a product to insert brands into the video using new formats and smarter placements to achieve this goal. That product was called CatapultX, and it started to generate $1K per day.

It wasn’t long before the product became more interesting than the sports media company. Now, CatapultX uses AI to match advertisers to contextually relevant moments in the video. But, again, we do it across multiple channels programmatically.
Unskippable, Unmissable, Unmatched: CatapultX

What do you think makes this company unique?

We’re disrupting the advertising and monetization industry. Through the application of CatapultX tools, media companies and brands alike are able to monetize and associate their brand with related moments.

This exclusive inventory and AI identifies moments where advertisers can achieve better performance and creates a future-proof offering that can’t be matched anywhere else..


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We’ve gone through many iterations. From a team of 2 to a team of 20+ over the past two years, our company focus has remained to achieve the deepest level of understanding of video through AI, but as cookies are falling away, we are looking towards new horizons in using our platform as the solution for advertisers and publishers seeking cookieless, brand safe solutions.

What can we hope to see from CatapultX in the future?

CatapultX is always looking to the future. We hope to continue to expand and continue to create innovation within the advertising technology space.

Can you explain how you’ve recruited and secured talent with such impressive CVs?

A product is nothing without a team behind it. When you’re starting a company from scratch, your first few hires are a large part of your success factor. As you grow, if you keep your people a priority, you’ll continue to attract high-quality talent, but It certainly doesn’t hurt if your product or company has that “wow” factor that interests talented people in the first place.

If we have done anything well, it’s hire. If we have done anything really well it is building a culture that attracts others to us.