Meet Zak Manhire, Co-Founder at Web3 Infrastructure Platform: Fr0ntierX

Zak Manhire

FR0NTIER X is a Web3 Infrastructure Platform designed to seamlessly transition enterprise businesses into Web3 by utilising ground-breaking proprietary technology and seamless end-to-end integration.

We know that blockchain technology opens up an entirely new way to verify customer interactions and refine business strategies by gathering provable data at the most granular and personal level. Our powerful platform can do all of this and more, the only limit is our clients’ imagination.


How did you come up with the idea for the Fr0ntierX, what makes it unique?

I’ve been in crypto since 2015 and so when I came across NFT’s in 2020, I was blown away with the concept and the endless applications, utility and opportunities it could bring.

Jumping straight in I got scammed early on and realised that the technology was incredible but the platforms and UX was a major barrier to entry for mass adoption. This was essentially the birth of Fr0ntierX and how we could build technology that enabled mass adoption often without the end user even realising they were interacting with NFTs and blockchain technology.

Not only are our products and applications unique in terms of features and filters but the approach we take as a company, to remain innovative and breaking boundaries in web3 but also very focused on the issues web2 enterprises face when integrating technology.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

I’d be lying if i didn’t say massively. We’ve had to stay agile to this beautifully dynamic yet currently volatile industry; the conditions, sentiment and requirements.

The tech moves at lightning speed so we need to stay aware of developments in the market and ensure we take a kaizen approach to everything we build and how we operate.

What is currently happening at Fr0ntierX and what does the future hold for it in the next few years?

Our global partnership with LG Electronics has just been announced which we’re delighted with and of course to be working so closely with LG and integrated use cases for some of their key clients within the business solutions team, so keep an eye on news and developments on that front.

We’d like to grow our product suite, improve and build out our services and of course integrate with many more clients – we have realistic goals but also have to stay agile due to the sector we operate in.