Meet Michael Darko, Founder at Private Jet Charter Company: Farringdon Jets

Michael Darko

Farringdon Jets is a security focused private jet charter company based out of the UK and US. We focus on providing not just flights, but bespoke experiences to all corners of the globe, all while ensuring our clients are safe every step of the way by using our specialised partners on the ground to offer a wide range of security services.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I have always had a passion for aviation ever since I was a child, so a few years ago I decided I wanted to start a private jet charter company as it was the best fit to apply my existing skillset, experience and contacts to industry.

After discussions with a friend of mine that owns and manages a very successful private security company, I saw there was a need in the market for a truly security focused charter company, especially as more and more VIPs are interested in travelling to traditionally less secure destinations in the world for both business and pleasure. Due to this we do see a large percentage of quote requests to more turbulent regions.

How did the company evolve through the pandemic?

During the pandemic like most companies, especially in the travel sector, we had to find creative ways to generate new business and we launched our first luxury escape called “A Not So Dark Winter” instead of just waiting for our clientele to find somewhere they can travel based on Covid restrictions to use our services, we created Covid safe escapes.

These escapes allowed clients the ability to travel to destinations with sun and sand, while keeping as safe as possible from contagion of the virus by minimising touch points and allowing them a certain level of isolation as most of the entertainment came to them in the safety of their beach side villa. Based on the success of our “Not So Dark Winter”, as the travel and tourism industry travel experiences to inspire and offer our clients, such as luxury camping on a glaciers, bespoke helicopter golf tours through Latin America and The Caribbean and team building snowmobile adventures year round across various continents in the world.

What can we hope to see from Farringdon Jets in the future?

Over the next few years you can expect Farringdon Jets to increase our offering of unique travel inspirations to give the seasoned traveller the most memorable, unique and once in a lifetime experiences.

We have major plans in the works in regards to using technology to resign the entire decision making and booking process for our clients which will all be part of the experience. With the above we will also work on becoming an even more popular name and brand among our desired cliente.