Moovshack Interview: A Digital Property and Lifestyle Platform For Consumers and Agents

Moovshack is the first fully interactive property and lifestyle platform for consumers and agents. As a mobile-first, SaaS portal, designed for use by buyers, sellers, landlords and renters, Moovshack can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete traditional home moving processes.

Its unique tools, enabled through its interactive design and AI, include features that let consumers access the whole of the property market to find any property listing or content available online and then share it into Moovshack for easy access & retrieval, removing the need for multiple property portal apps & passwords.

Users can manage their entire property journey within a single app, in which all interactions and transactions can take place and be recorded.

By directly connecting consumers and agents so that they can communicate and interact together using one platform, Moovshack improves overall customer experience, reducing delays & duplications by automating low-level tasks.

Moovshack provides everything in-app from property search, chat messaging, home valuations and agent comparisons, to chat messaging, viewing scheduling, offer management and synchronised sales completions. Video chat can be used for live virtual viewings to help promote safe, social distancing-compliant transactions.

In addition, e-signatures & document storage ensure that everything the modern home mover needs to transact can be found, actioned & stored using Moovshack.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My experience working with leading-edge mobile and software businesses, as well as setting up an estate agency, gave me the idea that these two paths should come together to provide much-needed innovation to the property industry.

I was surprised that the real estate sector was still lagging behind when it comes to digitalisation. Traditional property portals are focused solely on search and have no stake in seeing customers complete the full property acquisition cycle. These portals are not interactive and do not support technology like instant messaging, or automated communications & transactions between agents and consumers. As such, any purchasing, selling or renting processes are slow, opaque and inefficient.

To keep pace with modern trends, many estate agents now use WhatsApp to engage with their customers, but using the free version of this Facebook-owned platform presents other potential issues surrounding GDPR compliance and breaches of Whatsapp’s T’s and C’s, as well as creating yet another disjointed channel of communications.

Moovshack was conceived to apply better use of integrated modern technologies within a GDPR compliant app that’s fully dedicated to the home seeking & moving journey for both agents and consumers. Our app provides a single platform for users to plan, record and manage their full end-to-end property acquisition & marketing journeys.

We also think that modern property portals must develop into ‘lifestyle portals’ with the home at their core. Longer-term engagement could be provided via access to home-related services in an all-in-one platform so that customers could use the platform beyond just moving home.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

There is plenty of useful advice available online for ambitious entrepreneurs, but if I had to offer some practical tips, particularly for those seeking investment, they would be:

#1 Know your market & customers – investors need to see that you fully understand your market, it’s nuances and it’s KPI’s, plus where the real pain points are that you are aiming to fix.

#2 Keep it simple – the late great Steve Jobs lived by this mantra, so keep distilling your ideas down to the few drops of pure magic that others can easily conceptualise. Investors may have deep pockets, but they also have very short attention spans!

#3 Build a great founding team – you may be a supremely talented and impressive figurehead for your brand – but you can’t achieve scalable success without a strong team around you and most investors will place the importance of this well ahead of a good product.

#4 Passionately visualise success – if you can’t articulate and visualise what your success will look, feel & taste like, then no one else will be able to – and it’s unlikely to ever materialise.

#5 Stay strong & resolute – most people just see the pitfalls and not the opportunities, so don’t let rejection or criticism knock you back, use them as rocket fuel to improve your product and propel you forward.

What can we hope to see from Moovshack in the future?

We have built a strong and experienced senior team and a unique business model with some innovative and robust technology. Now, it’s all about delivering value for every individual consumer and agency that joins us. We have the potential to scale at pace and to enter international property markets as well as our domestic UK market.

In the short-term, we want to show consumers how much simpler and more enjoyable the home moving process can be using our app to do most of the heavy lifting.

Longer-term, we aim to be seen as the best all-in-one property and lifestyle app for consumers, as well as the ultimate customer engagement platform for agents. Our interactive design means Moovshack can develop into a complete lifestyle portal in time, providing improved connectivity and better outcomes for home movers and the property professionals who support them.


Interview with CEO at Moovshack: Mick Silver