Nada AliRedha, CEO at Plim and FinTech50 Judge, Explains What She’s Looking For From Entrants

Nada AliRedha, international entrepreneur, fintech expert and CEO of Plim Finance. An interest free BNPL “Buy Now, Pay Later” credit service designed for the medical aesthetics industry with the goal of making elective, aesthetic treatments more accessible and affordable. With advanced technology this finance software offers interest free payment solutions. Dubbed Klarna of the cosmetic industry Plim offers credit to reputable users ensuring relevant credit checks adhered to avoid consumer debt.

An expert in discussing funding requirements, regulations, legalities and changing in lending and borrowing for business. With a passion for helping female business owners flourish, Nada qualified, receiving her certification in the Professional Education, US. She also has a BA in International Finance from Franklin College, Switzerland, and a Diploma in Buying & Merchandising from the London School of Fashion, UK.

Nada has applied her international education within a number of global businesses in the fintech, compliance, fashion, empowerment and education sectors. She has chaired several successful ventures, including SEED Group International and Mum Mum, which focused on early education and nutrition.

She has also worked with, and advised, leading international fashion brands such as Gucci, YSL and Bottega Veneta, as well as proving herself in the tech world; partnering with Drips (Fashion marketplace) and GoLearn (EdTech). She has also proudly worked as a part of the UN Women Alumni Association, to advance female empowerment and promote women’s rights.

What are you looking for from this year’s FinTech50 entrants?

There are many factors I will be considering throughout the judging process. Particularly I will be looking for those that provide disruptive and innovative solutions.

These elements are crucial in the tech industry because they drive progress and growth, creating new opportunities for companies and individuals. As the driving forces that keep the industry evolving I am looking forward to seeing the nominations and the solutions that they provide. Following the comprehensive evaluation and judging process it will be great to see the finalists getting the recognition and exposure that they deserve.

What advice would you give to companies wanting to stand out from the crowd?

My best advice that I can offer to someone wanting to stand out from the crowd is to explain what your product / service is and how it solves an everyday problem for consumers. Plim is designed with this in mind, our marketing and targeting is based heavily on this ethos as I think many successful businesses are.

Problem solving is a sure fire way to set yourself apart, rather than a hard sell which may not be relevant, take the everyday problem and solve it. As simple as this sounds, it’s highly effective and will help you to set yourself apart from others.