Nadim Sadek: Why AI-Powered Business Planning is Crucial For Brands’ Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

The pandemic has disrupted the business world in ways that pose both challenges and opportunities for brands trying to connect with their audiences. Humans have tried to live their 3D lives in a 2D format, through screens, but this has meant we’ve craved things that we can’t access; which in turn has a knock on effect for brands. What’s become clear is the crucial role played by AI in helping brands navigate this changing landscape.

To date, AI has been mainly employed in executional ways rather than strategic. What’s been emerging, and what ProQuo has been a part of, is deploying AI to identify the best strategies for brands and later optimising the execution of those strategies.

3 ways that AI can help lead brands to post-pandemic economic recovery, include:

Understanding Your Audience Like Never Before

The way AI helps brands to know their audiences better is by being more intimate. Using AI means you can gain an intimacy of knowledge much faster and more efficiently than the human mind, as it has the ability to thread together so many seemingly different patterns of information. In turn, brands can offer greater empathy, understand their audience’s needs and how specific audiences want you to behave. AI allows you to achieve a greater connection by conducting your brand in exactly the way your audience prefers.

An Extension Of Your Team

With all handling of data there’s a debate between correlation (when things happen in tandem) and causation (where doing A results in B). What you do with AI is essentially train it to know if X happens Y is likely to follow. In this uncertain climate, AI allows brands to take action that will lead to a particular result. In marketing, AI leaves brand managers with more space to be original, innovative and creative because the other things are done for them by the AI; think of AI as an extension of your team.


Grow with Certainty: Marketing without the Guesswork

For many marketeers, there is a great amount of uncertainty that surrounds their marketing investment decisions. This is what AI, and in our case ProQuo AI’s brand management platform is solving.

By employing action AI, data will show you the things you need to do to ascertain positive outcomes from your marketing investment. It takes expert brand knowledge and combines it with data science and psychology, transcending opinions and turning them into fact. Brand managers face over 25 million combinations of actions they could take to grow, in one year alone. It’s daunting, and almost impossible to feel certain of success in navigating it all, especially in this climate. Unless you have AI. AI platforms can offer brand managers a clear pathway to configure their goal, giving clarity on how they can achieve it with certainty.

Today there are thousands of household brands, but there’s also a constant stream of new brands flooding in, trying to find a place in our lives. These brands are under-resourced compared to those doing the same thing for years. AI can level the playing field and make less resourced brands fight with intelligence and certainty for their place in categories.


Written by Nadim Sadek, Founder & CEO, ProQuo AI 

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