Meet Natalie Chapple, Founder & Owner of Cosmetics Brand: Glisten Cosmetics

Natalie Chapple is the founder and owner of Glisten Cosmetics, a small family (and friend) run brand from the UK. The brand was founded in 2017 as a side business while Natalie worked as a teacher – which didn’t cover the bills.

She started selling glitter as it was something she could easily do at home. But in 2018 she gave birth to her daughter, and was off work, so decided to bring out her first ever eye shadow palette!

Natalie designed it, tested colours and formulas, sampled it, and then the final product was produced: Disco Dynamite. This product was the first step of Glisten being more than a glitter company.


Glisten cosmetics


Roll onto 2020, and Wet Liners were born – and the rest is history. Glisten Cosmetics released the Split Liners at the end of 2020, and they were such a success that Natalie quit her job as a teacher and went full-time with Glisten. Having a range of colourful, inclusive products that are affordable for any budget is something close to her heart – and Glisten is a roaring success because of it, with even the likes of Doja Cat loving Glisten’s products.

With Glisten Cosmetics, customer service is key, and Natalie prides herself on making sure everyone receives a product they love – and hopes that her customers love standing out as much as she does.


Tell us about Glisten Cosmetics, how did it start?

In 2016, I was in bed and I thought about all the things I could do to start up a little side business and a glitter company came to mind, as someone that had previously gone to a lot of festivals I thought hey why not! I purchased my first lot of stock that evening and the rest is history. We no longer sell glitter but have products from eyeliners to lipglosses and palettes.



What challenges have you faced?

Oh too many to count, it’s had its ups and downs. I think the hardest thing recently has been trying to keep packages moving after Brexit and Covid, it’s been a little tricky at times as we ship worldwide from the UK.


What’s your personal favourite product in the line?

My favourite product is the UV Split Liners, the colour ways have been so popular and copied across the world. Which I did initially take as a negative, but have since realised nothing bad is copied… so I must have done something right.


Glisten Cosmetics Split Liners


What can we hope to see from Glisten Cosmetics in the future?

Lots of new lines. Being stocked in more and more places and hopefully found in your local drug store soon!


Glisten Cosmetics Palette