Meet Nick Jones & Paul Roach, Founders at Crypto App Zumo

What is Zumo?

Zumo is a simple and secure mobile app that allows people to buy, sell and spend cryptocurrency alongside their ordinary money. Our mission is to get people comfortable with crypto and bring the benefits of blockchain technology and digital currencies to people and businesses everywhere.


How Did You Come Up With The Idea For The Company?

We’ve known each other for a long time now, Paul and I. In 2016, I (Nick) was moving back to Scotland from London. I was interested in cryptocurrency and at the same time I was looking around me at the differences in generational wealth. You’ve got two generations of younger people who will be worse off than their parents and I saw crypto as a potential solution to that. At the same time, Paul was getting involved with blockchain technology and noticing just how inaccessible it still was to the mainstream consumer. That’s when we had the idea for Zumo – a simple, fun and easy-to-use mobile app that would bring crypto into the mainstream while giving as many people as possible access to a fairer and more inclusive world.




How Has The Company Evolved During The Pandemic?

The pandemic period has actually been a boom time for the crypto industry, as economies worldwide are put to the test, and people and businesses turn to what is becoming a whole new asset class. The challenge now is for the industry to stay relevant and provide the conditions for the next phase of growth: whether it’s the regulatory framework to support continued adoption, or a joined-up approach to tackle the issues of sustainability and environmental impact. What we know for sure is that this isn’t niche anymore: the user base has expanded enormously, crypto is going mainstream and those new users bring with them new expectations when it comes to the user experience and how they choose to interact with the crypto ecosystem.

What Can We Expect To See From Zumo in the Future?

We’re about to relaunch our popular Zumo Refer and Share scheme, which we’re hoping will bring another 10,000 people into crypto through the Zumo app. All told, we’ll be giving away around £100,000 of crypto over the coming months by incentivising Zumo users to share the app with their friends. It’s a really low-barrier way to get people into the space and get them comfortable with crypto.

On the further horizon, there are multiple options we’re exploring at the moment. Abroad, we’re taking a closer look at some of the popular remittance corridors, including with Africa. Closer to home, we’re looking at an expansion into the European market as well as building up ZumoKit, our B2B crypto as a service platform.

In our home market in the UK, we’re looking at things very much from a financial wellness perspective. Zumo’s ambition is in providing the smart money financial products – including lending and saving solutions – that will help people build wealth outside legacy financial systems. It’s about giving younger generations who have been left financially worse off than their parents a better financial future.

The Zumo app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices here. Or find out more at