Meet Nicky Hoyland, CEO at Digital Workplace Solutions & Services Company: Huler

Huler is a digital workspace grounded in the belief that an engaged employee is an organisation’s most valuable asset, no matter where they work. Since launch in 2020, Huler’s team of visionaries has been revolutionising the way we work with HulerHub, the digital launchpad to your software, websites, links, articles, and internal systems – built for the business, and customised by you. It’s designed to boost productivity, save time, and make information more accessible than ever.

Our platform, HulerHub allows organisations to create personalised experiences for their employees who can tailor their workspace to suit their needs, interests and working habits. Employers are also able to access data, which can help give them insight into the desires and priorities of their staff, and gives leaders tangible information in order to tweak and improve their digital strategy, especially during uncertain times.
Huler - eLearning Industry

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Huler was born out of the need to make technology more human. The average employee has to access 41 work systems on a daily basis, resulting in digital burnout, overwhelm, declining wellbeing and performance, and decreasing job satisfaction.

For most organisations, the last 18 months forced them to drastically transform the way they operate and communicate. Huler is able to catalyse such change in organisations by streamlining their tools and helping employees truly ‘work from anywhere’. Instead of wasting hours looking for information and accessing tools, Huler keeps everything in one place, allows users to access what they need in just two clicks, and helps them find what they need even outside of work, all inside one hub.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

To me, the authenticity of Huler as a brand comes from our commitment to practice what we preach. Although we started adopting a ‘work from anywhere’ policy before the start of the pandemic, we continue to improve our employee experience, by ensuring we always place employees at the centre of everything we do. We also keep taking the steps available to understand, and consequently meet, their needs. For example, we’ve rapidly expanded our team from 15 to now 58, and found using technology incredibly effective in hiring and onboarding new starters, many of which began their time at Huler remotely.

With tools like Huler, not only can we facilitate a more collaborative, personalised and people-focused approach to technology inside the business, but we also use it to promote resources and campaigns to employees across all levels. This includes things like company updates, Gay Pride information and useful links, Mental Health Awareness Week resources, onboarding documents, new starter introductions, and even daily birthday announcements.

What can we hope to see from Huler in the future?

The last 18 months have shown that the future can truly be unpredictable. However, I hope that Huler can inspire employers to use this time period as a learning experience, as they discover the increasing importance of properly engaging employees and how technology can help make this possible.

As many businesses experiment with hybrid working models from this year on, having an agile online platform in place is crucial. Not only does it allow you to meet employees’ needs and business requirements right now, it also encourages a more forward-thinking approach to meet the needs of the future. As people continue to grow and evolve, so will technology, that’s why Huler continues to expand its capabilities with greater levels of personalisation, more focus on workplace wellbeing, productivity features, and increasing integrations, offering more flexibility and focus on individual needs and preferences. And as businesses focus more on employee experience, we’re certain Huler will make this process easier and more effective for everyone for years to come.